The "conservative" media thespians who sold the public on the urgency of invading Iraq should foot this bill, from Limbaugh on down.

Alex ConstantineFounder, Constantine Report
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Let's see a little outrage, please, over the glib, manipulative mental contamination constantly flowing from the corporate press.

Alex Constantine
Founder, Constantine Report
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    fox news is this true that the prince is part owner of fox if so this will hurt ratings all of the conservatives will stop watching ... if you have contributed to the mosque on ground zero ... fox news give us the truth.... as you always say you do..

    Thank you for the excellent interview and information presented here-long over due and makes the facts and the truth behind the media's slated versions. Coroner's report alone should have warranted/granted at least one appeal for Sirhan.

    I am learning something new every day, and I am constantly on the lookout for information on Germany during and immediately after world war II had ended. Their are so many revisionist out there, but I know most of the truth. You will provide the rest. Thank you

    The nazis in the church are bitching because they can't lie with impunity via rightwing media outlets anymore. Omigawd, Chavez is fulfilling new testament scripture; off with his head. Los Angeles just got a nazi archbishop there.

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