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Self-Censorship Programming for Liberals

Alex Constantine - October 6, 2007

Invisible fascism?

Naomi Wolf "Dares to Utter the F-Word," reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Everyone should be uttering the F-Word, and those who aren't are seditious yahoos, in Australia or the States. Where does this mush-headed obfuscation get us?:

"There is a convention on the internet called Godwin's Law. It states that, during an online discussion, the first person to draw an analogy with Nazi Germany automatically loses the argument. ... " - From: "Daring to utter the F-word - Naomi Wolf doesn't apologise for comparing the Bush Administration with fascism. And she certainly rejects suggestions of paranoia."

"Analogy?" "Comparing?" Who's "comparing?" Modern "conservatives" ARE fascists. Treading softly is a moral prescription from the Good German's bible and advances the right's totalistic objectives. Story continues ... if you dare:


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