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Why Sam Cooke’s Death Will Never Be Solved

Alex Constantine - May 22, 2022

The story of Sam’s death will NEVER be told in its entirety. I’ve been listening to/researching Sam’s life since I was a kid and, at age 45, I’m still no closer to the truth of what happened to Sam other than that the “official” account is categorically false on every single account. Sam Cooke was beaten to death and shot posthumously.

Why do I say that? Lack of blood at the crime scene. In every known film footage/picture of a dead Sam Cooke slumped near-naked against a wall, there is barely any blood to be seen. This points to the FACT that Sam was not killed in that spot but posed there after his demise. Had he been shot while alive, there would have been massive amounts of blood pooled all around him which would be plainly visible on the evidence. There isn’t.

Also, examining the casket photo, his hands are clearly broken with his fingers dislocated and bruises plainly visible. The official version of his death says nothing of Cooke beating either Boyer or Franklin much less with such force as to break his own hands and fingers.

Lastly, it is known that Sam crossed the Mob. While even the new documentary on Netflix points to Sam having rejected the Mob, that is false. The music industry, then as now, is set up in a way where NOBODY becomes world-famous unless they play ball with the powers that be.

It just isn’t possible. There is no such thing as a self-made star…much less a star of Sam’s caliber at the time of this death. Sam Cooke, as much as people still don’t want to believe or admit this, was a product of the industry and, as such, had to do certain things in order to reach the level of success and fame he’d enjoyed. In short, he was not only in with the mob/Illuminati, but he was also (like any other star than and now) OWNED by them.

At some point, he became too convinced of his own talent and started to tug at his leash a little too hard. This never ends well and it cost him his life. You see, Sam was very headstrong. He knew his talent and he desperately wanted to make it big so, when given the nod by the powers that be, he jumped on it without thinking of the consequences this would, inevitably, bring upon him. He signed the dotted line BUT Sam wanted out once he realized what was going on.

Perhaps he didn’t truly comprehend how deep in he was and that there is no getting out alive or with your career/reputation intact, but he turned his back on the same people that created him and gave him his fame and fortune.His son’s “accidental” drowning was a warning. It was their way of saying “Fall back in line or you’re next”.

I don’t think Sam truly understood nor comprehended who he was dealing with. His son died in 1963. Sam followed his son into death a year and some months later. Coincidence? I think not. I know not. As for Allen Klein and JW Alexander having been complicit in Sam’s death.

JW was a puppet and a traitor who always worked for the powers that be in an effort to undermine Sam’s independence but he wasn’t the killer. Did he know? Yes, but he couldn’t warn Sam because that would have been his ass too.

The real culprit was Allen Klein. He not only knew but was the middle man between the powers that be and Sam. Allen set up the murder in exchange for Sam’s catalog and royalties. He didn’t kill Sam either but he was the one that set it up and saw it through.

It’s no accident that Sam’s family didn’t get a cent from his estate until AFTER Klein’s death, decades after Sam was killed. Bertha Franklin died a few years after Sam. She was an inconvenient witness who could have had a change of heart and came forward to say that Sam’s corpse was brought to the Hacienda Motel….not a living Sam Cooke.

Elisa Boyer was allowed to live because she was a known hooker and nobody would have believed her. Plus, she knew her fate would be sealed if she ever tried to tell the truth. She was killed in the early 80’s under unsolved circumstances. In the end, there has yet to be one book or documentary about Sam that gets it right. Why? As long as Sam has been dead, the powers that be will still not allow the truth to come out and any attempts to get too close aren’t worth the consequences. Same with Elvis, Otis Redding, James Brown, MJ, Prince and a long list of music and film legends who either passed too soon or whose passing never made sense or added up.

Sam Cooke’s legacy, luckily, has endured through his once in 100 lifetimes voice and music….and because he still turns handsome annual profits for the powers that be from beyond the grave 55 years after his earthly demise.

Beaten to death and shot after death to set up the official story. The LAPD was in on it as was anyone in connection with his death …. including his brother LC Cook who received a lifelong “allowance” from Allen Klein’s companies that afforded LC a comfortable life until his death in 2017! No explanation was ever given for this generous “gift” from the man who orchestrated his brothers’ murder. Sam Cooke played and lost the game of fame. They all do. The entertainment industry is like a Vegas Casino. You may win millions but, in the end, they take it all back. The house always wins.

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