Working inside America's "shadow" spy industry, George Tenet, Richard Armitage, Cofer Black and others cashed in big on Iraq and the war on terror.

Alex ConstantineFounder, Constantine Report
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Cocaine, ‘Roids & AKs

" ... In a sworn deposition for a lawsuit brought by two ex-Blackwater employees, [Howard] Lowry maintains that he hung out at Blackwater parties in Baghda

The Iraq WarRecommended Content
The Iraq "Gold" Rush

" ... Of course, this is the scenario that antiwar activists predicted eight years ago, but no one else, especially the Bush administration, thought it wo

The Iraq War Archive

When NBC didn't support Bush's orchestrated world war, there was Newt to drum up public support for the prolongation of genocidal war profits by lying through his teeth with a fog bank of disingenuous jingoism pulled directly from his obese right-wing ass

Alex Constantine
Founder, Constantine Report

Mali's Tuareg-Uranium Conspiracy

By Moeen Raoof Global Research, April 3, 2012 Tuareg Fighters (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder) The recent Coup in Mali by a Army Officer Captain while all