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Sexual Trauma Afflicts US Veterans

By Maggie Fox, Reutersnews.aol.comWASHINGTON (Oct. 28) - Nearly 15 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans seeking medical care from the U.S. Veterans Aff
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    One worker a year dead of central nervous system depression at nursery in oregon; reported at health clinic there.

    One more thing to casue ill health in people. Monsanto should be required to do many more studies.

    I wonder how many more Police Officers have to die in order for Glenn Beck's 912 Project to be a success ?Three in Pittsburgh died because he threw red meat at his audience.

    for information on the next possible holocaust(s), see study Inconsistencies and Open Questions Regarding Low Dose Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation, by Nussbaum and Kohnlein; a compendium of studies on workplace impacts; share at will. . .

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