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Breitbart’s Kampf – Conservatives to Go "On Offense" Against Media, Professors

Alex Constantine - February 22, 2010

Brietbart 210x300 - Breitbart's Kampf - Conservatives to Go "On Offense" Against Media, ProfessorsAndy Brietbart, fired up by his recent "success" at hobbling ACORN, is now on an anti-intellectual roll. He envisions a Breitarding of higher education, or schools of "elitism": " ... we do have video cameras on professors. ... This multicultural crap you instill in our kids the second they get into college ... that's ending right now. ... " Translation: White culture for whites on American campuses only. (Genotypical diversity is a Socialist invention.) Harvard will be renamed "Aryan Nations University," and we will replace "elite" professors with white, blue-collar tea-baggers from the local trailer park to teach Chaucer, biochemistry, astrophysics and calculus ...  - AC

Posted by Stephanie Condon | February 20, 2010

CPAC Convention, Washington -- The distrust which conservatives have of the federal government extends to mainstream media and academia, and their media champion Andrew Breitbart said Saturday it's time for conservatives to "go on offense" against "elitists."

"Mainstream media, the gig is up," Breitbart said at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington (shown in the center of the picture at left, at an Oct. 2009 press conference). "You're not on our team. You're not on the American team. You're on the progressive team. We tried to play nice with you, and nice is over.

"Much of the conservative movement finds itself on defense. Sometimes we win the game, but we're hopelessly on defense," Breitbart said. "Why don't we go on offense? That's what we did."

Breitbart, who runs Web sites like Breitbart.com and BigGovernment.com, published the videos produced by young conservatives James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, in which they posed as a pimp and prostitute to expose misconduct from the activst group ACORN.

O'Keefe's second attempt at exposing some kind of corruption ended in his arrest on federal charges of tampering with the phones at a Democratic Senator's office. He and Giles are nevetheless creating a great deal of buzz at CPAC and were honored at XPAC, a CPAC event aimed at young people, with the "1st Annual XPAC Award for Impact."

Breitbart said that conservatives have plans to use the same tactics against university professors.

"Yes, we do have video cameras on professors, and we're going to use them against you," he said. "This multicultural crap you instill in our kids the second they get into college ... so you can get votes every election cycle, that's ending right now."


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