Conservatives who obsess about the threat of Muslim extremism are usually mute as regards the murderous chaos instigated by far-right extremists.

Alex ConstantineFounder, Constantine Report
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TortureRecommended Content
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Terrorists far more sinister than ISIS burned tens of thousands alive with Napalm in Vietnam

Alex Constantine
Founder, Constantine Report
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    Me too, Donna, and, like you, am reading the news about torture, seeing the slow revealing of things, and waiting for the exposure of the torture of random innocents in their homes to finally happen... A weird situation is ours.

    that guy just needs to use his rope if he has an ounce of humanity or integrity...the Israeli does not surprise me..they have become as aberrant a people as this earth produces now. and the Brit? i hope they get him some day...with that hammer...

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    except this piece of wrijting povides nice understanding yet.

    Read book Requiem For A Womans Soul, by Omar Rivabella on deadend clandestine torture centers run by death squad governments in central and south america during the 80's; another manifestation of the subversive Murder Inc. run by the worst people in the US financed with your money.

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