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The Iraq War Archive

The Blackwater Plot Deepens

" ... perhaps the most urgent question is this: why does President Obama continue to use this company? ... " For all the scandal, the mercenary firm has e

Blackwater out of Iraq? No, not yet

By MATTHEW LEE and MIKE BAKERApr 20, 2009WASHINGTON (AP) — Armed guards from the security firm once known as Blackwater Worldwide are still protecting U.

The "conservative" media thespians who sold the public on the urgency of invading Iraq should foot this bill, from Limbaugh on down.

Alex Constantine
Founder, Constantine Report

Iraq’s Antiquities Looted

news.mywebpal.com07/31/08By DAUD SALMAN, The Institute for War & Peace ReportingBAGHDAD — To most, the scenes of looting and wanton destruction of Iraq