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Beyond the Havana Syndrome The CIA’s Electromagnetic Arsenal and Mass Shootings in America

Alex Constantine - April 17, 2023


Why is America the only country in the world where mass shootings reminescient of the Gestapo are commonplace? Why are Republican legislators unmoved by the carnage and refuse to pass rational gun control laws? We are witnesses to a holocaust on the rise. The catalyst of the European Holocaust was fascism, and history is a cyclical slipstream of brutality ...

By Alex Constantine

The country's leading news outlets are playing ball with the intelligence community to promote a limited hang-out of electromagnetic weapons technology developed by the CIA and ARPA. Last year, 60 minutes turned to the Agency to explain the "Havana Syndrome." Affected CIA and State Department personnel were interviewed. They described loud, grating noises in their ears, tinnitus, vertigo, brain damage, blindness, and other symptoms of EM assault. The first case acknowledged by the government occurred in 2016.

"The CIA says they don't know who is behind it." This is the ubiquitous refrain. Is it Russia? China? If not, who could it possibly be? Huge mystery.

In March, Cuba blasted the US for finger-pointing. Reuters reported on March 23 that Cuba excoriated the CIA for "taking too long to accept evidence that the ailment 'Havana Syndrome' was not likely caused by a foreign enemy, saying Washington ignored the science as a pretext for cutting off relations with the Communist-run island." The Agency and friends in the legislative branch have ruled out foreign aggressors.

A well-maintained shroud conceals psychoactive technology, and in 2001 this led Peter Kornbluh in The Nation to grumble, "an informed debate on weaponized microwaves has been rendered nearly impossible given the tight secrecy that surrounds the R&D of such technology."

But on February 3, 2022, CBS News gave us: "Washington — A declassified summary of an expert panel's findings released Wednesday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence found that the mysterious neurological condition known as "Havana Syndrome" may be "plausibly" explained by pulsed, electromagnetic energy, reaffirming the findings of a previous study but otherwise making little headway in affirmatively identifying a cause.  ... Pulsed electromagnetic energy, particularly in the radio frequency range, plausibly explains the core characteristics, although information gaps exist," a redacted summary of the findings says. "Using non-standard antennas and techniques, the signals could be propagated with low loss through the air for tens to hundreds of meters, and with some loss, through most building materials."

How Targeted Individual (TI) Mass Shooters are Made

CONTROLLING THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS FROM A DISTANCE: Neuroweaons may not be “weapons of mass destruction," Dr. James Giordano, a professor at the departments of neurology and biochemistry at Georgetown University Medical Center, told National Defense. "But they have the potential to disrupt everything from individual cells in a body, to societies and geopolitics." Dr. Giorddano is the author of Neurotechnology in National Security and Defense: Practical Considerations, Neuroethical Concerns, published in 2014. (SEE VIDEO PODCAST: Dr. Giordano interview - "Weaponizing Brain Science.")

The technology was not conceived merely to induce vertigo, dizziness, headaches and loud noises in the ears.

It interacts with brains.

The transmissions pulse because the brain functions with pulsed electrical fluctuations. The DNI report somehow neglected to mention that the machines were built specifically to commandeer the human brain. But, then, that information is classified ...

So secretive recesses of government concoct the cover stories  ... and 60 Minutes turns to the CIA for an "explanation" of a mystifying anomaly that one else in the world could possibly nail down. We trust our "shadow warriors."

That's precisely why Americans have no idea what is going on.

If the New York Times, NPR, CNN and and NBC can't explain it, preferring to wallow in CIA obfuscations, here are just few related facts I know, after decades of research, investigation end personal experience, to be true:

The pulsed microwave weapon that appeared on 60 minutes was obsolete. The current state of the art is extremely advanced. The technology does not resemble a repurposed steampunk Wanker engine, like the one glimpsed on 60 Minutes. It is as advanced as any supercomputer, capable of transmitting a pulsed, extremely long waveform of 0-100 Hz - and controlling the brain the way CNC controls a milling machine. (Ordinarily, an antenna a mile long is necessary to transmit a wavelength this long, but Agency technicians have found a way around this obstacle.) The brain is electronic. It's simply a matter of learning how to interact with it. Scientists on the CIA payroll worked it out decades ago.

Mainstream science is working on brain-controlled computers. There is also an established process known as stable diffusion that enables a computer to read minds. Research and development of the technology is only a step beyond preliminary, but advancing rapidly, Ethical considerations preclude control of the mind this side of the classified sector. But the CIA is the Bermuda Triangle of ethical constraints. The primary objective of MKULTRA was the creation of a Manchurian Candidate, a cut-out programmed to kill and either forget or self-destruct so the CIA could slip away undetected and unaccountable, Electromagnetic mind control ended the search for the Manchurian Candidate.

The CIA's experimentation gave rise to assassinations and mass murder in the late 1960s. See: "CHAOS - Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties." (Excerpt)

The Tate-LaBianca murders took place a year before the the US postal killings began. Hold on to that thought.

2. Targeting is not necessarily directional. A human subject can travel anywhere on the globe, and there is no escape. Satellites and atmospheric conduction send pulsed signals, relying on an individual's primary anatomical frequency allocation pattern, exactly as radio signals are transmitted over a narrow frequency, and a receiver is tuned to pick them up.

3.The "Havana Syndrome" is a limited hang-out. The CIA feeds it to the press, claims to be "investigating." This is a cruel hoax that leaves targeted individuals twisting in the wind. Search the web for "Electronic harassment and gang stalking" for testimonials and case histories.

4. Artificial intelligence was perfected years ago in the classified sector. Mainstream scientists are trailing behind.

5. Few subjects hear a cacophony.  Others hear simulated speech, the Gettysburg Address, a symphony, a train wreck, a recipe for chocolate mayonnaise cake, bird songs, anything. And any image can be projected via the visual pathways of the brain:  Streaming visions of the Andes, a portrait of Benjamin Franklin, anything.

6. Subjects are often tormented by sleep deprivation. The brain is stimulated to keep them awake for one night, or a week at a time. (Source: "Dorothy Burdick,  'Such Things are Known,' chapter 10." Copies of the book, like the first edition of Walter Bowart's 'Operation Mind Control' - most of the issue purchased by the CIA and burned - sold initially then the remaining supply vanished, though one copy was donated to the University of Arizona library's rare books collection by the Morris Udall family. A Dorothy Burdick interview is posted in the archives of 'The Constantine Report, and it is an invaluable source for researchers. Download it before it falls off the web. The publisher, a vanity press, doesn't even have a copy - he proprietor disavows any connection with it, though it bears the company's imprint.)

7. Intense pain anywhere on the body can be induced remotely. The tech, if applied humanely, could lead the way to prodigious medical advances, but the government chose to weaponize it instead - for arbitrary harassment and torture of civilians.

8. Synchronize EM pulses to to the beating of the heart, and it stops. The subject dies of heart failure.

9. The nervous system is stimulated, uncontrollable rage induced, aggravated by radio-hypnotic commands. The subject picks up a gun and heads to a church, Walmart pr schoolyard. Controlled subjects typically have little or no motive for killing innocents, no history of aggressive behavior. They are often determined to kill and destroy themselves in the process.

Cable news opinionators frequently ask, "why do mass shootings occur almost exclusively in America?" They began in 1970 at a post office on Alameda Street, near the downtown Terminal Annex in Los Angeles, a year after the Tate-LaBianca slaugghter. Then a number of letter carriers went "postal" in rapid succession. The media attributed these murders to "stress." There are more demanding occupations. None of them provoke homicidal rage.

The killing of Sharon Tate and her guests on August 8-9, 1969, and the first postal shot fired on August 13, 1970,are  are interrelated, Dr. Louis Jolyon West was chairman of psychiatry at UCLA and director of the university's Neuropsychiatric Institute, 1969-89. He was also the coordinator of all CIA mind control activity on the West Coast.

The Online Archive of California entry for Dr. West summarizes his bona fides: "He was an expert on cults, coercive persuasion ('brainwashing'), alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, and terrorism." (Also a succinct description of the Manson goup.) Tom O'Neill and Dan Piepenbring, in CHAOS, report that Dr. West, then stationed in San Francisco, taught Manson behavior modification techniques. (Was it coincidence or design that the murders of Sharon Tate and her houseguests took place on Cielo Drive, 4,5 minutes from West's home base at UCLA?)

Charles Manson was a CIA-sanctioned neo-Nazi provocateur. After his trial, he etched a swastika tattoo in the center of his forehead to tell the world that he was not a hippie. Tom O'Neill discussed a file on Manson that he discovered in the late Dr. West's desk during a Joe Rogan podcast interview in April, 2020. O'Neill explained the Agency's  patronage of the white supremacist in hippie drag:

Rogan: What was the motive for the CIA to turn Charles Manson into a murderer?

O'Neill: The CIA believed hippies, along with other anti-war groups, would start a civil war in the US so to prevent that from happening, they took one of the most well-known hippies (Charles Manson) and turned him into a killer so that hippies would no longer be seen in a positive light.

MKULTRA experimentation at UCLA was overseen by West, among them the brain implantation trials of Dr. José Manuel Rodríguez Delgado. In The Body Electric, author Robert Becker described Delgado's pioneering work on the development of remotely induced responses:

"One signal provoked a cat to lick its fur, then continue compulsively licking the floor and bars of its cage. A signal designed to stimulate a portion of a monkey's thalamus, a major midbrain center for integrating muscle movements, triggered a complex action: The monkey walked to one side of the cage, then the other, then climbed to the rear ceiling, then back down. The animal performed this same activity as many times as it was stimulated with the signal, up to sixty times an hour, but not blindly— the creature still was able to avoid obstacles and threats from the dominant male while carrying out the electrical imperative. Another type of signal has made monkeys turn their heads, or smile, no matter what else they were doing, up to twenty thousand times in two weeks. As Delgado concluded, 'The animals looked like electronic toys.'

"Even instincts and emotions can be changed: In one test a mother giving continuous care to her baby suddenly pushed the infant away whenever the signal was given. Approach-avoidance conditioning can be achieved for any action simply by stimulating the pleasure and pain centers in an animal's or person's limbic system.

"Eventual monitoring of evoked potentials from the EEG, combined with radio-frequency and microwave broadcasts designed to produce specific thoughts or moods, such as compliance and complacency, promises a method of mind control that poses immense danger to all societies —tyranny without terror.”

The origins of the Manson murders and the postal shootings can both be traced to the breakthroughs of West and Delgado at UCLA, funded by the CIA.

MKULTRA ended in 1973, the year scientists on the CIA payroll learned to transmit sounds through the skull and blood barrier to the brain's auditory paths. In January, nearly all mind control files were destroyed at the direction of DCI Richard Helms to head off exposure by Congress and the press.

Reception by the brain of pulsed auditory signals was the turning point. The experimental regimen ceased. Further exploration would come, but the CIA now had in its possession the consummate (in its day) mind control weapon.

The operational phase was launched.


David Berkowitz

In 1977, the city of New York stood still when a 24 year-old Vietnam veteran and postal worker named David Berkowitz, alternately known as "Son of Sam" or "The .44 Caliber Killer,"  terrorized the city with a spate of killings that were apparently random. Berkowitz was finally apprehended after stalking and killing his prey for 13 months, and charged for the murders of six people, mostly attractive young women, and the wounding of seven.

Prison psychiatrists diagnosed Berkowitzz as a paranoid-schizophrenic, although he was not incoherent, had been accepted into the military and was gainfully  employed. But he did admit to hearing coercive "demons" commanding him to kill. There was also a black Labrador next door belonging to Sam Carr, the inspiration for Berkowitz's alias. Son of Sam claimed the dog's barking also came to him as a voice ordering him to kill.

In each post-1973 lone shooter case history cited, the determining factors of mental illness are the insistent voices that coincidentally revel in killing, and uncontrollable rage triggered by little or no discernible external stimuli.

In 'The Ultimate Evil,' author Maury Terry meticulously traced relationships linking Berkowitz  to Charles Manson, particularly fellow cultist and convicted murderer Bill Mentzer, or "Manson II" in the first edition of the book.

Reporter Michael Benrrix interviewed Terry in 2988, and reported: "According to Terry, Berkowitz told him that during a meeting of Satanists in New York,  claimed Charles Manson 'volunteered' to commit the Tate murders for a specific motive, beyond Helter Skelter. But Berkowitz did not reveal to Terry whether [Mentzer] had explained exactly what the motive was." Maaury Terry says, "in 1968, Mentzer hung out in the same social circles as Charles Manson; what’s more, he was a member of the very drug organization that wanted Frykowski and Folger eliminated."

Drug syndicates populate the backdrop of Manson-related murders, and further implicate the CIA - also the Vatican and Nixon administration. (Details were set down in depth, cf. 2015 Constantine Report entry, 'The CIA, Drugs, the Death of Cass Elliot, and the Reason Sharon Tate Died.')

The origin of CIA involvement in cults was a 1965 front page New York Times story that exposed secret CIA mind control experiments conducted in Ivy League university laboratories across the country. To escape further detection and exposure by the press, most of the experimentation was moved off-campus. Religious fronts were established to conceal the Agency's illicit human experimentation (not sanctioned by the Agency's charter).

A number of mass shooters have complained of auditory prompts. Voices in the head are universally dismissed as delusional, but after the historical context of MKULTRA is considered, they beg the question: are the voices illusory or are they induced? Substitute the racket reported by sufferers of Havana Syndrome with vocal commands, and there is more than one explanation to sort out.

Another case history: "FSU Shooter Myron May Feared ‘Energy Weapon,’ Heard Voices, Thought Police were Watching Him." Was Florida State University shooter Myron May delusional and paranoid, or a targeted individual? He could be one, the other or both. An uninformed opinion is inapplicable. Dr, Delgado had a keen interest in provoking aggression remotely. Myron May shot innocents, per the official explanation, because he was mentally ill. His own explanation concerned EM mind control. No one attempts to nail it down because even trained psychologists are generally unaware that there is more than one possible valid diagnosis.

Myron "left a series of chilling voicemails saying he was being attacked by an 'energy weapon' and had a scheme to expose it 'once and for all." The e-mails were a cry for help, however they are interpreted. "Those messages, along with mysterious packages that May mailed to friends before he shot three people, were the culmination of what seemed to be a mental breakdown several months in the making." "Breakdown" is an assumption of arguable substance.

One day, the USPS killings stopped on a dime. They abruptly moved from the postal system to to public schools.

The bloodshed is intended to terrorize, desensitize, destabilize, compel us with fear to arm ourselves. The country is saturated with firearms; the kill count surges, spurred on by fascist radicalization and homicidal ideation.

The "conservative" media bubble reminiscent of Goebbels push the murder rate higher by nazifying the Republican Party. Far-right legislators in the GOP clear the path for mass murder by refusing to pass rational gun control measures. They promote the stockpiling of firearms with maniacal videos and a constant stream of pro-gun rhetoric. Hate crimes escalate. Right-wingers yearn to fire on liberals. The shootings were once a rarity. Now they are a daily occurrence and the leading cause of child mortality. The press was unable to find the word "fascism" in the dictionary when writing about domestic politics until Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. Since, the word has become impossible to avoid.

The CIA didn't devote decades of mind control research only to abandon it in 1973. Mind control in the present is a reality that the press ignores.

Not all mass executioners are controlled. Some are wingnuts incited by Fox News, Newsmax, and other fascist propaganda fronts (media mind control) to gun down phenotypical "sub-humans." Some are severely mentally ill. Some are copycats. But the most lethal are remotely controlled to fire on "expendable" children or minorities.

Another case history: a gun-toting berserker senses the influence of an external force, and again there is a desperate appeal for help before shots are fired:

Feds: Airport shooting suspect
complained of mind control

USA Today, January 6, 2017

"Two months before Esteban Santiago allegedly unleashed a deadly assault inside the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, the 26-year-old former National Guardsman showed up unannounced – and troubled – at the Anchorage, Alaska offices of the FBI.
"There, according to the FBI, Santiago told federal authorities that U.S. intelligence agencies had gained control of his mind and were urging him to fight for the Islamic State terror group. While the report was initially alarming, it was soon clear that the young man's reported complaint was more a cry for medical treatment than a matter meriting the attention of counter-terrorism officials.
"During the interview, Santiago appeared agitated and incoherent, and made disjointed statements,' the FBI said in a statement Friday night. 'Although Santiago stated that he did not wish to harm anyone. .. "

Michael Carneal in 1997. immediately following his arrest for murdering three students in Kentucky

A school shooter in Kentucky survived his rampage, and confessed that voices in the head have since ordered him to commit suicide - was this a command hallucination or standard Manchurian Candidate protocol?

On September 22, 2022, the Associated Press reported:  "Kentucky school shooter says he’s still hearing voices." The AP report oncerned "a Kentucky man who killed three students and wounded five more in a school shooting 25 years ago [who] told a parole panel on Tuesday that he is still hearing voices like the ones that told him to steal a pistol and shoot into a crowded high school lobby." Michael Carneal, the convicted shooter, explained  "he has been receiving therapy and taking psychiatric medications in prison but admitted that he still hears voices. As recently as a couple of days ago, he heard voices telling him to jump off the stairs."

Carneal's prison file describes his prognosis as "poor": "Even with mental health services, he is still experiencing paranoid thoughts with violent imagery." Was the paranoia irrational or situational? Would an EEG have detected brain entrainment accounting for the fear and imagery? "Asked how the board could be assured that he would not act on those thoughts, Carneal said he has learned to ignore them and hasn’t acted on them for many years. He said there are days that he believes he deserves to die for what he did, but other days he thinks he can still do some good in the world."

The Thurston High School Shooter

Fifteen year-old Kipland Kinkel murdered his parents on May 20, 1998, and the next day two of his fellow students at Thurston High School. He also shot and wounded 25 others before a clutch of students charged and subdued him until police arrived to take him into custody. Kinkel was tried and sentenced to 111 years behind bars with no possibility of parole.

Dr, Orin Olstad, a clinical psychologist, testified for the defense at Kipland's trial, and detailed his first meeting with the boy:

"The first day I met with him was February the 1st, and on the very first part of the first day he acknowledged that he heard voices, and he did that on the Child Behavior Checklist. And when I looked at the scores on that result, I noticed that he checked the item that he hears voices."

Q. When did he say he first started experiencing voices?

A. He indicated to me that he first started hearing voices when he was twelve years of age.

Q. And how did that first occur?

A. He told me he remembered the first time he heard voices, he got off a school bus. "I was on my driveway, looking at some bushes, and a voice said, 'You need to kill everyone, everyone in the world.'" He stated to me, "'It scared the shit out of me. I was confused. It seemed like something was seriously wrong. I ran into the house and cried in my room. It said other things too. It said, 'You are a stupid piece of shit. You aren't worth anything,' and some jumbled words that I can't understand. I was just standing there, looking at the bushes.'"

I asked him at that point, "Where do you think the voices came from?" He said "Well, I had some theories. I was an atheist or an agnostic, I'm not sure. Maybe it was from the devil. I also thought that the government might have put a chip in my head. Government satellites might have transmitted to the chip in my head. At first I thought the voices were outside of my head because they were so loud. They were very loud, like SurroundSound."

And then he proceeded to tell me about the different types of voices that he hears. He said, "I often hear two voices at the same time, sometimes a third voice. I know they are different. They sound different. The doctor gave them labels A, B, and C" -- and the doctor referred to here was Dr. Pincus. "One voice always tells me what to do. It's an authoritarian. Loud. The doctor gave that voice a title A. The B voice tells me I'm a piece of shit, I'm like that, a put-down kind of voice."

He said this started in the fall or the winter of the sixth grade, all three of the voices. He said that A is loud, B is louder. C just repeats what the others say over and over and over again."

The repetitions are a step in "depatterning," a term coined by Dr. Ewen Cameron at McGill University who sought a means of wiping the mind to free it for reprogramming, and theoretically, rebuild the personality. That is why Donald Trump repeats himself constantly when lying to his base about the myriad of "witch hunts" that curse his political prospects. The mind of a typical Trumper readily lends itself to wiping of rational beliefs. The tabula rasa in its place will accept any program that enters, then storm the Capitol, chanting "Stop the Steal," like flag-waving kamikaze automatons incapable of thinking independently. The the controller sends a signal to kill. A gallows is wheeled out, accompanied by a an ear-splitting mantra: "Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!"

If it can happen to grown Republicans, it can happen to a 15 year-old boy. Such things are known. Or did "Voice C" read about Dr. Cameron's experiments in "Psychology Today,' and retrofit a depatterning routine into its repertoire of kill commands?

Kipland wasn't the only member of the family with auditory "hallucinations." Dr. Olstad described a sound also reported by Havana Syndrome victims:

"He said one time his mother told him that she heard ringing in her ears, and he thought that might mean that she was hearing voices too. And he said, 'I came very close to telling her at that point.' But he also indicated he was afraid of telling her about things like this because she would get so upset and that she might pull her hair out. So he was reluctant to let anyone know about these voices, and he told me he made it a rule never to tell anyone."

Complement kill commands with an evoked aggression response impossible to resist - of the sort, say, pioneered by Dr. Delgado - and bloodshed is inevitable.

In Parkland, Florida, a nearly identical story (Outlook, August 17, 2018): "The man alleged to have shot dead 17 people in the Parkland Florida school massacre had heard demons ordering him to 'burn, kill, destroy,' police transcripts released Monday showed. Nikolas Cruz, 19, was detained without resistance shortly after the February 14 attack in Parkland, north of Miami. ... According to the transcript of the interrogation, detective John Curcio offered him a glass of water. 'I do not deserve it,' Cruz remarked.

"When the officer briefly left the room to look for water anyway, Cruz said to himself: 'Kill me, just kill me.' Then he told the detective that demons in his head -- which had started tormenting him years earlier -- told him to 'buy weapons, kill animals and destroy everything.' 'What are the demons?' the detective asked.

"'The voices,' Cruz said. 'The evil side.'"

"'What does your voice say to you?' Curcio asked.

"'Burn. Kill. Destroy,' he replied.

To put a fine point on it, in social media posts, he expressed a desire to “kill black people, kill animals, promote Germany, attack immigrants and Muslims, promote white power and hatred of liberals." Where did he pick up all that?

Cruz had a coach.

The boy told defense psychologist Heather Holmes about "a voice he hears that he calls ‘Swas,’ which is short for ‘swastika’ … and tells him to pretend (a radio in his cell) is a gun and to shoot the guard,” prosecutors wrote, adding 'Swas' also “wants to get shot in the back of the head in the brain stem.”

Dr. Asjiad Khan, MD, a pediatric endocrinologist with a practice in Fort Myers, Florida, filed a brief with the court during the trial of Nicholas Cruz stating that the shooter had been targeted by neurotechnology. He referred to it as "a voice of God weapon."

The Daily Beast published a story on the trial that mentioned Dr. Khan's diagnosis, dismissing it as a "bizarre conspiracy theory," regrettable because his brief could "clog the legal system" with rabbit hole babble.

Daily Beast, Apr. 24, 2018: " ... Asjad Khan wrote that Cruz potentially may be a victim of government technology used for psychological warfare because Cruz told investigators that 'demon' sounding voices instructed him to carry out the attack.

"Khan wrote that a 'Voice of God' weapon designed to pull a 'false flag' on your brain by projecting a voice into your head to make you think that God is talking may have been used on Cruz. Khan also wrote about how sound frequencies could be tailored at unsuspecting 'TIs' or targeted individuals who may be controlled with embedded microchips."

Elon Musk's NeuraLink is promoting the same technology today. The company is valued at $5 billion, awaiting FDA approval and poised to launch soon. Not one word in the public print has questioned the existence of brain-computer implants since Musk announced his intention to peddle them. Neurotechnology is real if investors turn a profit, a "bizarre" fantasy if a targeted adolescent sends 17 schoolmates to the morgue, according to the press. Is there anything the nation's media perception managing savants do not know?

Aaron Alexis, the September 16, 2013 Washington, DC Navy Yard Shooter, also heard voices. He suspected " a microwave machine” was responsible.

Six weeks before killing 12 Yard workers, Alexis told people someone had threatened him at an airport in Virginia. "A few days later," according to the LA Times,  "in Rhode Island, he heard voices. He thought people were speaking to him through “the walls, floor and ceiling” of the Navy base there, where he was working. In his hotel room, the voices used 'some sort of microwave machine' to send vibrations through the ceiling and into his body, a police report shows him saying. He could not sleep."

Press reports blamed "mental illness" relying on Alex's military disciplinary record. But the LA Times noted that Navy officials "said that because of his disciplinary problems as a sailor, they had considered giving Alexis something less than an honorable discharge. But since he had never been convicted of a crime and had glowing fitness reports, they eventually granted him an honorable separation. ... In evaluations from 2007 to 2011, first reported by Fox News, Alexis cwas described as “an eager trainee” with “unlimited potential” and a “get-it-done attitude.” A 2008 report called him a “talented technician” on aircraft electrical systems who should be promoted."

He was a highly-skilled aeronautical electrician, not a basket case.

Contrary to the the knee-jerk psychologizing of the press, Alexis had no history of psychotic episodes. His training may well have informed his opinion that a "microwave machine" sent the voices.

The Fort Hood Shooter

This shooter heard voices, too, before slaughtering 13 of his fellow military personnel in cold blood. The press reported that "stress"  - the old, convenient "postal" cover story that had been gathering dust since the nation's letter carriers were put on valium, or something, was to blame:

As one CBS News commentator on the 2009 Fort Hood shootings observed: "The sicker segments of humanity bend, twist, and warp their religions until they have an interpretation that justifies - in their minds - their compulsion to dominate others and to inflict maximum pain upon or even destroy those they can't dominate."

This is a fair and balanced description of the religious right, of course - its leadership does the bending and twisting - and there are corollaries in all religious cultures. Programming in a moral or religious justification for violent acts that a subject wouldn't ordinarily commit is a tried and true mind control tactic.

If, for instance, a subject is commanded under hypnosis to kill his fellow GIs, he probably won't comply UNLESS given a rationale that overrides deep-seated moral convictions, eg. "these soldiers raped your sister." THEN the chances are that he will carry out "Manchurian Candidate" programming and kill on command.

It's hypnotic or electronic mind control we're concerned with here, and as it happens, Hasan was situated very close to the electromagnetic variety, as well ... BTW, radio-hypnotic brain command and electronic short-term memory wipes (RHIC-EDOM) were perfected by the CIA IN 1960. Of course. Our respectable mass media revises the facts with a little bending and twisting, a little finger-pointing, and the story is made to conform with American status quo beliefs. But straighten out the bends and twists, point a finger in the right direction, and we find ourselves ...


Inside the Mind of the Fort Hood Shooter, By Sorcha Faal

... From Western propaganda news media reports on this massacre the American people are being told that a US Army Military trained Psychiatrist, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, became despondent over his recently receiving orders to deploy to Iraq and in “typical” lone gunman fashion, “decided” to open fire on hundreds of his fellow soldiers killing and wounding them without discrimination.

Completing the “new legend” (in almost record time too) about this “lone gunman” being made responsible for this massacre, the Western propaganda machines are reporting such idiocies as Major Hasan having previously “complained to relatives of harassment by fellow-officers mocking him for being Middle Eastern” (Major Hasan’s parents came from small Palestinian town near Jerusalem) and his “attracting the attention of police six months ago for internet postings analyzing the motives of suicide bombers that was not formally investigated”.

Interesting to note in these reports, however, about Major Hasan is his past psychiatric training, paid for by the US Military, at Virginia Tech University where he graduated from that school's Center for Applied Behavior Systems with a degree in biochemistry, a school which FSB reports having long warned “is most likely” one of the US Department of Defenses top PSYOP training centers and where in April, 2007, it suffered the worst school massacre in US history when a Chinese student named Seung-Hui Cho, reported to be a subject to mind-control experiments, single-handedly gunned down 32 fellow students.

Even more interesting to note is that from the initial chaotic scene of the Fort Hood massacre not just the wounded Major Hason [taken] into custody, but so were three other “alleged” gunmen, two of whom were released leaving one, at last report, still in US Army custody.

Now to understand the circumstances that placed Major Hasan at Fort Hood in the first place, one has to understand that he was one of the US Militaries top PSYOP specialists and had received his medical degree, with honors, from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, in 2001, and did his internship at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

Major Hasan then became one of the top researchers at the US Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress in the field. It's stated mission: “Center scientists are actively engaged in studies of military deployment, combat stress and the mental health of active duty, Guard and Reserve and veterans. This research helps military command (leaders, physicians and mental health providers) mitigate, respond to and foster recovery from the consequences of war and other military extreme environments that can occur in combat, peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance.

"In addition, a primary focus of the Center is conducting studies of the impact of deployment on servicemen and women and their families. This research includes surveillance of psychiatric problems among battle injured soldiers, and measuring the psychological effect of treating severely injured and disfigured soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan on health care providers at institutions like Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center.”

The US Military has completely removed the website of their Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress organization early on the morning of 6 November 2009.

From his position at the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress, Major Hasan became one of the originators of what is called the US Army's “Warrior Combat Reset Program” set up to help American soldiers returning from war zones, or being redeployed to them, cope with what is called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and which according to these reports led to his being at Fort Hood to “electronically prepare” an experimental group of US Soldiers for their return to the Iraq war zone.

It's important to be understand that Center reports detailed nearly all of the suffering pf soldiers termed “catastrophic” stress caused by murders, rapes and suicides so bad that American commanders are now warning that the readiness of their forces in is danger of “outright collapse."

So to make sense of yesterday’s massacre at Fort Hood, and Major Hasan’s “true role” in it, we need to turn to a little known, but extremely shocking case filed in the United States this past spring by a San Francisco lawyer Gordon Erspamer, alleging:

“That government scientists conducted human experiments at Edgewood is not in question. “The program involved testing of nerve agents, nerve agent antidotes, psychochemicals, and irritants," according to a 1994 General Accounting Office (now the Government Accountability Office) report. At least 7,800 US servicemen served 'as laboratory rats or guinea pigs' at Edgewood," alleges Erspamer's complaint, filed in January at a federal district court in California. The Department of Veterans Affairs has reported that military scientists tested hundreds of chemical and biological substances on them, including VX, tabun, soman, sarin, cyanide, LSD, PCP, and World War I-era blister agents like phosgene and mustard. The full scope of the tests, however, may never be known. As a CIA official explained to the GAO, referring to the agency's infamous MKULTRA mind-control experiments, "The names of those involved in the tests are not available because names were not recorded or the records were subsequently destroyed." Besides, said the official, some of the tests involving LSD and other psychochemical drugs "were administered to an undetermined number of people without their knowledge.”

Among the “experiments” conducted on US Soldiers by their government, according to FSB files, was a “research specialty” of Major Hasan’s, one called Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control Electronic Dissolution of Memory (RHIC-EDOM) which was pioneered for the US Military in the 1960’s by New York University Professor J. Anthony Deutsch who…“indicated that the mind is a transmitter and if too much information is received, like too many vehicles on a crowded freeway, the brain ceases to transmit. The Professor indicated that an excess of acetyl choline in the brain can interfere with memory process and control. He indicated excess amounts of acetyl choline can be artificially produced through both the administration of drugs or through the use of radio waves. The process is called Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM). The memory transmission can be stopped for as long as the radio signal continues.”

So strong was the American Military and Intelligence establishments’ belief that only by “erasing” the previous “battle stained” memories of their Soldiers could they be made to continue killing and dying that in 2007 they contracted with Russia’s Psychotechnology Research Institute in Moscow to purchase a system called Semantic Stimuli Response Measurements Technology (SSRM Tek), a software-based mind reader that tests a subject's involuntary response to subliminal messages and which was used by the Soviet military on Russian troops deployed to Afghanistan.

Unfortunately for the Americans, and who were undoubtedly warned by their Russian counterparts about this, the previous Soviet experiments using SSRM Tek software combined with RHIC-EDOM technology had a very dangerous side-effect of “triggering immediate battle memories” instead of “erasing” them and resulting in masses of Russian troops who were undergoing these experiments to “erupt” in “immediate violence” which left an estimated 37 of them dead when they began (for no apparent reason) to begin firing upon each other.

As the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert, and the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King have shown us, these Americans have been well schooled in seeing only what they are told to see when tragedies like these, and Fort Hood now, occur.

Sometimes the childlike stories concocted by their propaganda masters to explain these horrific events are enough to placate the American people, but one has to wonder when at least some of them will wake up to the stark and brutal truth about what is happening to them. One can only wonder if these Americans had demanded the truth before if these Soldiers were massacred would still be alive?

That is not in our knowing. But what is in our knowing is this, before they awaken from their long slumber these Americans can expect many more such deaths. We’re sure their propaganda organs are up to the task.


The Dayton Shooter

Targeted Individuals often hear loud noises, as reported by sufferers of the Havana Syndrome, and voices. But the extent of perceptual manipulation only begins in the auditory pathways of the brain. Advanced neurotechnology is also capable of programming in visual and tactile perceptions.

Most TIs are passive, but the remote electronic brain experiments of UCLA's Jose Delgado, author of Violence and the Brain, concentrated almost exclusively on the stimulation of aggression. The subject experiences impulses that drive him to uncontrollable rage and acts of violence.

Targeting can occur over any length of time, in short bursts, months, years or decades.

Connor Betts of Dayton, Ohio was singled out at a young age. There was nothing abnormal about his behavior to set him apart from other kids. Even when he grew into adolescence, Connor was in most respects a normal high school student enrolled at Bellbrook High School

Lydia Doll, his girlfriend, was drawn by his personality. “He was funny, he was charismatic in his own way,” she told the Washington Post. “In school at least, it was always just Connor being Connor.”

But she knew from the start that something was “off” about him.

He would tell me about the voices in his head," she said.

Betts heard them since he was a child, after he went to bed. There was nothing unusual about him by day, but nis nocturnal life was traumatic, a horror show of menacing shadows and "evil" voices that deprived him of sleep.

hen Lydia enrolled at Bellbrook her sophomore year, "she heard stories about a 'hit list' that Betts had compiled with names of people he wanted to kill. Lydia's friends grew wary. They warned her of Betts’s tumultuous past relationships. Betts would occasionally fly into a rage with little provocation. "They told her he had pushed one ex-girlfriend into a roaring river and had screamed at another while pinning her against a wall."

“He would cry to me sometimes,” she said, “saying how he’s afraid of himself and afraid he was going to hurt someone one day."

That day arrived when he was 24-years old. On Sunday, August 4, 2019, Betts suited up in body armor and a mask. He fired off an AR-15-style pistol outside a Dayton bar, killing nine people, including his own sister. Police were unable to determine a motive. Two dozen others were injured. The massacre lasted less than 30 seconds before police arrived and stopped him with a fatal shot.

Media reports implied that he is a schizophrenic. But Connor's "schizophrenia" was outwardly undetectable. Schizophrenics slip into periodic episodes of delirium. When treated, the episodes subside. He didn't have episodes,

Betts with his sister, among the nine victims fatally shot for no discernible reason. The tranced out expression turns up in most photographs of the shooter.
Examine the case history of a TI mass shooter closely, and there are obvious differences in symptomology. Bona fide patients are capable of living near-normal lives if they maintain a regimen of medication. Betts didn't receive pharmaceutical intervention. He only experienced auditory and visual "hallucinations" at night, after he went to bed, when no one was looking. That was the extent of it. Controllers often prefer covert attacks on a subject who doesn't exhibit noticeable signs of manipulation. Observers were unaware that he was in a state of mental stress. That occurred when he was alone, with no witnesses present.
Betts wasn't driven over the edge until the targeting intensified to an unbearable degree. If left alone, he would have lived a normal life.
The vast majority of TIs are passive, suffer quietly and not driven to violence. But their perceptual experiences are generally similar. "Voices" are common, but interference with perception can take many forms. Visions are frequently reported. Dreams are programmed. Pain is induced. Combine the perceptual signals with the patterning of aggression pioneered by Jose Delgado, and a passive TI is transformed into a threat to society.


9. The "Havana Syndrome" is a tactical limited hang-out, and corporate journalistic malpractice has left Americans with the impression that it is impossible to determine who is sending children home from school in body bags when anyone with an interest can piece it together with a library card and Wi-Fi access. The CIA claims to be "investigating," and feeds disinformation to the press. The lies aren't questioned. It is a cruel hoax that leaves targeted individuals twisting in the wind. Search the web for "Electronic harassment and gang stalking" for testimonials and case histories of torture of innocent civilians. Approach the subject skeptically, but be objective. If the reporters at 60 Minutes had learned to use Google, there would have been no need to rely on the CIA for an explanation.

My list of knowns could fill volumes. But I have shared a few facts most subjects of EM assault also know to be true because they have a vested interest in finding out who is tormenting them.

The CIA and Pentagon are waging a war on America, concealed by a "veil" of secrecy. Not Russia, although the Soviets developed their own EM wapons. (A 1976 Defense Intelligence Agency report stated there was no proof the weapons existed, but described experiments in which microwaves were pulsed at the throat of frogs until their hearts stopped beating.) Symptoms identical to the Havana Syndrome were first reported in Moscow in the 1960s. Anyone who believes a foreign power is behind it is as gullible as a MAGA clown.

The CIA has a long history of double-talk. This is the same branch of government that directed Chile's Pinochet military coup. Pinochet's insurrectionists dammed the Santiago Rover with headless corpses, and seized power after the assassination of Allende. The Agency denied involvement for 20 years, until investigative journalists flushed out the truth.

On a scale of 1-10, the CIA's credibility ranks -10.

The media are no better. For a sample of the lowest of the low, Google "Kevin Shiff and mind control." He is a veteran CIA fraud, claims "demons" are responsible for covert mind control activity. Shiff needs to be tarred and feathered.

DARPA and the Central Intelligence Agency - as any capable researcher on the history of EM mind control will attest, including Robert O. Becker, a Nobel Prize nominee, and a score of suppressed journalists - possess the technology and are responsible for the assaults on human subjects in Havana. Also Chicago, Denver, Miami, Los Angeles, and everywhere else in the land of the free.

Combined with AI, the weapons threaten to transform the country into a psychic dictatorship. Mind control is not a subject the media begin to comprehend. But it is creeping up on us, and one day will be impossible to ignore.

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