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From the Archives Dorothy Burdick, Early Psychotronic Weapons Whistle-Blower, Interviewed

Alex Constantine - July 20, 2014

The following interview with Dorothy Burdick, author of Such Things Are Known (excerpts follow the interview), was taped on September 16, 1995. Ms Burdick's book, currently not in print, describes directed-energy harassment -- laser strikes, acoustic targeting and central nervous system manipulation. Much of the technology she describes has been, in the ensuing years, confirmed by authors Dr. Robert O. Becker and Captain Paul E. Tyler, both of whom have described experiments conducted by researchers in the same specific areas, among others.

Interview: DOROTHY BURDICK, author of Such Things Are Known, Sept. 1995:

MIKE COYLE: What made you want to write a book about your experiences?

DOROTHY BURDICK: Well, desperation mostly. I couldn't get anybody to do anything about it, or suggest how it could be done. Being a naturally curious person, I put my own thesis together; let's put it that way. This stuff is classified, or was at that time. A lot of it has, I think, been let out.

MIKE COYLE: If it was classified, how did you find out about it?

DOROTHY BURDICK: I talked to people. I talked to a lot of people, and I know how to use a medical library, and a physics library. Basically, what I did was to read all the media. Things like high-tech, science news, anything that related to the subject at all, in any way.

MIKE COYLE: Did you have any trouble getting the book published?

DOROTHY BURDICK: What I did was publish it myself.

MIKE COYLE: Did you shop it around to publishers?

DOROTHY BURDICK: Yes, I sent it to an agent and they simply told me that it was not the kind of thing they could publish. When I tried to go the newspaper route, I had a friend that was a lawyer, so I was familiar with the Washington press, and he said there was no way that any reputable newspaper would publish any of this stuff.

MIKE COYLE: Did they give you a specific reason why they wouldn't publish it?

DOROTHY BURDICK: Well, they did not give me a specific reason, but I assume it's because they are pretty well controlled by the US government, and its agencies. I sent it to every congressman on the US Select Committee, and every senator.

MIKE COYLE: Do you think the publishers knew that they shouldn't publish it because of the nature of the information?

DOROTHY BURDICK: I don't know whether it was that, or they thought it was such a crazy story that it wouldn't catch on.

MIKE COYLE: What kind of comments, criticisms, or feedback did you get about the book?

DOROTHY BURDICK: Really nothing uncomplimentary. I got a lot of "you should see a psychiatrist" kind of stuff. Many were just glad they had found the book.

MIKE COYLE: If you were going to revise the book, what would you change?

DOROTHY BURDICK: I think more and more of the technology has been coming out, and I think we are more willing to accept the fact that we live in a satellite world. That's the first thing that is hardest to grasp. We depend on satellite communications, and they can eavesdrop almost anywhere on the face of the earth. If you bug somebody they can observe, and listen, 24 hours a day if they wish.

MIKE COYLE: Are you still being harassed?

DOROTHY BURDICK: Oh definitely.

MIKE COYLE: In the same way that you described in the book, or has it changed in any way?

DOROTHY BURDICK: Some, yes, it's very hard. I'm sure it's a computer voice thing because you get the same voices all the time, and it changes at random. Whether it's male, female, or what it is, OK? This has to be a very expensive operation. I can't imagine that anyone would be able to do it except as part of a psychological experiment, or that it would be government connected. I suspect they do this in an effort to find out what happens. I think we have been guinea pigs before in many other experiments, in many other ways, and unknowingly you see. They don't tell you. They just do it.

MIKE COYLE: Have you ever met anyone who was being harassed in the same way that you are, and talked to them about it?

DOROTHY BURDICK: I have never met anybody except by phone who would admit to it, or write me a letter and admit to it. I have tried to help some of these people simply by talking to them on the phone, or answering their letters.

MIKE COYLE: Are you still in touch with any of these people?

DOROTHY BURDICK: No, I have quite a lot to do, and as a result I don't want to give it any more time than I have to because right now, as you know, I'm in the middle of a move. I have some real writing I want to do in a subject in which I am well qualified. I'm a dietician. I keep collecting ideas for an improvement on the last book, because perhaps the time has come for this book. I simply can't afford to publish it myself again. My thought was if you could put it a hundred years in the future, it would be like, 2084.

MIKE COYLE: So you want write a fiction based on your experiences?

DOROTHY BURDICK: Yeah, just call it fiction, without being so specific about it, and I thought I'd give it a ripple you know, but I haven't done too much about it except cull my files, and collect information that I thought was interesting.

MIKE COYLE: Do you have any advice for other victims of the type of harassment you have experienced?

DOROTHY BURDICK: There are two things you can do. You can find ways of tranquilizing yourself. I think meditation is a very good way. Make sure you don't get over-tired. If anybody in this more productive world can find a way not to get tired, I'd like to hear about it. You can always find somebody to talk to in psychology or psychiatry, but I don't imagine you'll get too much support. Find someone you can trust.

MIKE COYLE: Do you recommend shielding techniques to defend against this type of harassment?

DOROTHY BURDICK: I am not enough of an expert on it to be sure, but I know that they have built such things. One of the things that's been mentioned is white noise. I got a white-noise machine through the mail. It was suppose to deal out every frequency, but they can get through. Maybe it wasn't strong enough.

MIKE COYLE: Speaking of shielding, in your book you describe an experiment where you were put into a Faraday cage.

DOROTHY BURDICK: Yes, and I later found out that this was a phony thing. I feel very badly about some of the people who are involved in what I call disinformation. There was no question that that was a set-up, and they wanted to see what would happen. A particular person that I sat [in the Faraday cage] for, is into societies for parapsychologies of various kinds. They encourage you to believe in parapsychology. I find that they have infiltrated junior colleges, especially with what is really adult entertainment. They put it on to add to their income. They rent out the room and the professor gets a certain amount, and the college gets a certain amount. They will get somebody who may be qualified, or may not be qualified, in psychology, and they will give a course in reading auras. The mix it up with eastern religions, and what comes through is a bunch of b.s. You know what happened to Kubler-Ross, she moved to the east coast, I can't remember where, and is involved in working with people, but she has harassment. She went south of the Mason-Dixon line. I don't know whether that is because she is in the south, which is one possibility, or because she was being harassed in California, and they tried to embarrass her a great deal there. I first got on to her in California Magazine, and everybody knows who she is, because she came up with the four stages of dying. I think this whole thing has hurt a lot of good people.

MIKE COYLE: So you think that the results that you got from the experiment with the Faraday cage were not what actually happened?

DOROTHY BURDICK: No, and I don't think there was any purpose except to take up my time and find out what I thought about it.

MIKE COYLE: Are you implying that a lot of people know that something strange is going on, but they don't want to admit it, or talk about it, either to themselves, or to others?

DOROTHY BURDICK: I'm sure it's from coast to coast. They don't want to talk about it, because they think it will just lead to more trouble. The other thing you will find is that you can be mis-heard on the phone very easily once they get on it. They can distort numbers. Some words don't come across quite the way you would like. There is no question. You must have known that we have had eavesdropping on telephone lines in this country since very long ago, in the sixties at least. I don't worry about it too much anymore. In the beginning it bothered me. It really doesn't now.

MIKE COYLE: Have you ever used some type of device to try to detect what is being done to you?

DOROTHY BURDICK: No, because I always figured that the government had much better, more expensive stuff, than I did. And that they could probably overcome anything I might try, or use.

Excerpt: Such Things are Known

By Dorothy Burdick


Reading minds at a distance by deciphering the brain’s magnetic waves has been a project of the Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA] of the Defense Department for some time. Many educational and research institutions have contributed to its success with government funding.

Published information indicates that DARPA scientists have learned to identify specific thought patterns through the interpretation of brain waves. These patterns reveal with up to ninety percent accuracy whether a person is: (1) puzzled or uncertain, (2) has made a decision, (3) is paying attention, (4) is observing colors or patterns, or (5) has lost concentration due to fatigue or boredom.

Thought processes have been linked to the computer through Artificial Intelligence [AI]. The autocorrelated Cray, which does one hundred million calculations a second, is specifically designed for problem solving and can carry out biomedical experiments with the computer simulating the human effects. It takes only fifty billionths of a second for an element of data to enter and leave its memory.

Using psychological interviewing techniques. AI has come up with programs which lead the intelligent human to believe that he is talking to another person, when he is actually carrying on a dialogue with a computer. Properly programmed, computers have the capacity to make judgments based on previous performance or experience, predict observed behavior, speech patterns and idiosyncrasies of thought. Computers also convert many types of signals to signs, codes, sound, music and video. Twenty years were spent by Russell Kirsch at the National Bureau of Standards’ Artificial Intelligence Laboratory teaching machines to make judgments called “image pattern recognition.” A well-instructed machine can look at variegated images like brain waves and make decisions concerning them. The marriage of computer programming and brain mapping has been published. To accomplish the wiring and plotting of the functions of the human brain was an incredibly complex task that could only have been accomplished by the invention of the computer itself.

It is known that enough work has been done with large computers and wave averaging on the transmission of neural messages in the brain so that neural activity associated with the word “no” and the word “yes” can be identified whether it is said aloud or not. Near the speech center in the brain is an area that prepares neural messages that drive the muscles associated with speech. Actions of the tongue and mouth and other muscles involved in speech are quite different for these two words. The patterns of nerve signals that go out to make these two words are also unalike. The patterns are formed long before words reach the vocalizing level, and can be read and interpreted in advance of speech by a computer. Pattern recognition computers will read an answer even in a completely uncooperative subject, or specifically read his mind if the thought is mentally put into unspoken words.

Speech is a motor activity which creates electrical signals traveling along neurons. With a computer, these weak signals can be read at a distance by a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID), which almost completely eliminates environmental noise while magnifying the signal one thousand times over that read by previous technology.

To read the mind, wave analyzers must deal with the complex oscillations of the brain in somewhat the same way that a prism separates the colors of a beam of light. The components of this complex wave are isolated by electronic circuits tuned to several frequencies. Statistical averages can be determined from many readings of the mind under investigation. From this information its versatility and repertoire of adaptive stratagems can be assessed and plotted. This frequency analysis of tactics can now be instantly known and evaluated by computer faster than men can think.

Optical and electronic subsystems for spacecraft and artificial intelligence have been under development since 1955. Sophisticated biomedical sensors have been developed to use on animals at a distance without physical contact. The same equipment has been used to test environmental factors on human sensory organs. Laser is used in biomedical displays to pick up brain signals and convert them to sound and color or even music. With current laser techniques verbal and aural communication is possible between any two points on earth with video and via satellite. The human head is a target which gives off a magnetic field. Suppose that it is capable of being picked up and locked onto at a distance by a supersensitive sensor many times amplified by optics. Depending upon the kind of ray directed at the head the symptoms and sensations of the subject will vary.

The carotid artery and the hypothalamus are easily reached through the thin wall of the ear drum by sonic and ultrasonic radio waves. Stimuli to this area can raise and lower blood pressure and body temperature. Sensations in other parts of the anatomy are similar to those caused by diathermy depending upon which brain signals are played upon. The subject is literally an instrument who may experience numbness, pain, pleasure, muscle jerks, spasm and stimulation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

It is known that thoughts can be pulsed into the mind through the nervous system by microwaves. This has nothing to do with the auditory nerves. Scientists who have submitted themselves to this process report temporary loss of memory and disorganization of thinking processes.

A subtle method of communication, laser, is used to deliver messages unheard by those close to the receiver. Depending upon the verbal messages received concurrently with physical stimulation, these technological developments become powerful tools combined with psychological techniques to shape, modify, direct, prevent and control human thought and behavior through interference with all known diurnal physiological patterns. Additionally, verbal messages may be delivered at the subliminal level during consciousness and during sleep, so that the subject is unaware that he is receiving them or that his dream sleep is being influenced. Words are emotional triggers. When the subject’s emotional triggers are analyzed he is put in the position of having his thoughts and actions controlled by other individuals. This is mind control.

For at least the last four years every minute of my conscious and unconscious life had been invaded by investigators using state of the art technology. Recently on the “Today Show,” William Colby said that the CIA investigated a device which could read Brezhnev’s mind on his way to work. It is my contention that they not only investigated it but that they made it work. People have asked me, “What do these voices say?” They say, “We want to be your friends.” As in brainwashing they confuse the issue, and truth becomes obscure. Falsehoods seem reasonable. Indoctrination techniques resemble some techniques used in hypnosis. Like hypnosis they have a soporific effect, reiterating and repeating the same monotonous phrases.

“What you do is up to you. You’ve got to believe in yourself.” This remark is made until you are not really certain whether you know what you want or can rely upon your own opinion. Pavlov said that a conditioned reflex can be worked out for every stimulus. In brainwashing, brain-changing results. Damage is done to the mind through drugs, hypnotism and other means, so that a memory of what actually happened can be wiped out and a new memory of what never happened inserted. The Voices, by interfering with sleep in a subliminal mode are able to stir up old memories and influence REM Sleep by vocal suggestion. They interfere with normal sleep patterns by inducing physical symptoms which result in jerks, cramps, irritation of the intestinal tract and skin, and in sexual arousal or sudden and unwanted awakening when rest is needed. All the subject is aware of is pain, discomfort, nightmares, unaccountable physical symptoms, fatigue and depression. At other times, he is euphoric with relief.

As in brainwashing, the Voices try to install a feeling of personal satisfaction by making the individual feel that he is needed in some way. The message is combined with physical reinforcement.

“We want you to feel good about yourself.” They specialize in uncertainty. You are always on an up staircase that is going down.

“Dorothy, we don’t know what we are going to do with you.” This comes after occasions of rebuttal, rebellion and general recalcitrance. It may be accompanied by good humor or very unpleasant remarks and physical symptoms.

In the beginning, although one is not incarcerated except mentally and environmentally, the subject feels dreadfully tired and worn out. Returning POWs describe it as being like an automaton or going about in a daze.

The Voices use suggestive interrogation with desired answers implied in the wording. They alternate this with a barrage of denunciation and accusation to make you cringe. The more tired you are, the more it upsets you. They excavate the psyche for areas of sensitivity involving social attitudes, sex, marital and family relationships and feelings about self. Any vulnerability will do, and all the time, fatigue both physical and mental, is working for them. The more sensitive and reasonable the individual, the more vulnerable they are. Pushovers for indoctrinators are very intelligent but uneducated, especially the indecisive minds that always see some valid point in the other side's argument.

The victim’s feeling is that his thinking is being directed. The brainwasher has been called a corticovisceral psychiatrist, able to interfere with the normal path that every human follows in life. Such a Voice directs or suggests to the subject a new route leading off in an entirely new direction. Conflicts arise in anyone between known emotional responses and those of which he is unaware and which are suppressed. No one actually knows or realizes what is going on in his own subconscious mind. The Brainwasher Voice is trained to increase such conflict and to manipulate these responses.

A great effort is made to arouse guilt feelings. Failures to meet a standard of achievement or conduct are used frequently as guilt stimuli. A decided effort is made to uncover normal failings and to take advantage of them in order to hammer them into a guilt complex. No matter how guilt arises, it is necessary to the Voice Indoctrinator for projection purposes.

The Brainwasher Voice continually attempts to sow doubt in the mind of the subject. Regardless of the strength of conviction of the individual so attacked, the moment doubt clouds the mind, it leads to tension. Tension is related to fear, and guilt also produces fear.

They asked me, "What do you want lo do?" My answer was that I wanted to survive. Fear itself is an expression of unsatisfied need for survival and security. First reactions are nervousness, tension, apprehension and depression. They make the need for security and self-protection even more acutely felt.

Fortunately for me none of this was done in a really controlled environment, yet my privacy in all things was gone and I was isolated from human intercourse because nobody could believe that the Voices I heard were anything but inventions of my subconscious.

As a result of these artificially induced pressures including chronic fatigue, I was deprived of strength to combat repetitious suggestions and started to doubt my own thoughts and convictions.

Suppose in this condition that ideas are suggested at a subconscious level, not positive suggestions used in department store tapes to prevent stealing, but destructive behavioral ideas that will result in a poorer self-image, lowered confidence, both physical and mental, and atypical behavior. The suggestions assume a symbolic significance to the individual. Suppose the assault on the mind, body and nervous system is continual over a twenty-four hour period seven days a week. In this state one begins to live in a realm of fantasies and false beliefs. In the hands of Brainwasher Voices and technologists with Space Age Tools, anyone is malleable. An illusory, surreal, invisible environment is created, real only to the victim.

In a prison camp one can make up one’s mind not to listen. There are other prisoners. As a laser receiving station in your own home and environment one has to listen involuntarily and still try to act normally, perform tasks, drive a car and do routine things as much as possible. The incarceration is real, but unseen.

The tools of mind attack include suggestion, mockery, fear, fatigue, deception and manipulation. As in brainwashing, the Voice sometimes begins with ideas and ideals with which the recipient can agree. The only relief from tension in this insidious process is laughter or drugs like sleeping pills and alcohol. The receiver forgets that he is the one who is suffering from fear, uncertainty, browbeating and the invasion of privacy in sex, toilet and social relationships. When he most fears for public performance and they let up, he feels grateful for no reason at all.

All these things are known to government psychiatrists and psychologists. The government in question is the government of the United States of America. The events I recount began on a May weekend in 1978. ...


Chapter 10

Recently, through TV and the news media, there has been an effort toward making parapsychology respectable. A university in Great Britain gives a Ph.D. in the subject. The CIA has a program of “disinformation” which may be a convenient cover for scientists working on programs which seem to the uninformed to border on the occult, such as bioplasma research and Kirlian photography. Children are being trained to see auras when exposed to a box containing electrodes. As the voltage increases they see auras not generally visible to less sensitive adults. The auras can be photographed using Kirlian photography. Kirlian photography reveals electrochemiluminescence which surrounds all living matter. It is named for the Russian electrical engineer, Semyon Kirlian, who passed his hand through a high energy, high frequency electromagnetic field and saw an aura around it. Kirlian produced the first high-energy cameras that could photograph these auras. British biologist, Harvey Oldfield, has produced a radio device that displays the phenomena on a screen. British researchers are reported to be using high energy, high frequency beam of radio signals to monitor organic diseases. Hearts respond with radio signals in harmonic resonance which are picked up by the Kirlian “gun” and displayed on an oscilloscope screen. This instrumentation transposed to space could read vital signs at a distance. The U.S. government had information on this process in 1950 and released it to the CIA, Rand, the Air Force and other government agencies.

The CIA has advertised for people in psychological services and they are known to do other things besides prepare statistics. The combination of psychology, the basis for brainwashing, and human behavior modification, known as conditioning, and electric shock has long been a treatment for experimental animals and the mentally ill humans.

Various branches of the U.S. government are spending millions of dollars to finance Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. (MRU). The goal of this corporation is mind control. MRU has done investigations of high frequency Kirlian effect photography, thought-controlled devices and psychokinetic switches. This is the device which permits a pilot to fire a missile by simply thinking “fire.” Computers can be linked to the brain to recognize electrical patterns in the cortex word for word.

MRU has a brochure describing its interests in the fields of biophysics including “Geopathic Efforts on Living Organisms,” which are attempts to induce illness by changing the magnetic nature of animal magnetic field geography. Another MRU field of interest is behavioral science which includes the analysis and measurement of human subjective states by computer analyzed EEGs and biofeedback. MRU’s pioneering use of computer analyzed EEG probably led to CIA-sponsored Brain Research Labs at San Diego Hospital, Columbia, Stanford and New York Universities.

MRU has investigated the computer analysis of psychophysical recordings including data obtained from EKG, EEG, GSR (galvanic skin response) and the plethysmography used to measure blood volume changes in the capillaries of fingers. These measurements would be supplemented with a recently developed apparatus for measuring electric field radiations from living bodies (System Research Laboratories of Dayton, Ohio, patent No. 3,555,529; 12 January 71).

MRU facilities are located in seven states. In Mountain View of Los Altos, California, MRU scientists have tested psychoacoustical transmitters that produce sound patterns termed “infra and ultra-sonic” that interact with brain cells and erase information. Studies have been done to develop software systems to record and evaluate biological effects of special environmental factors on plants, animals and humans.

Extensive studies have been conducted in sleep research of human unconscious behavior patterns with sensors to determine the effects of external phenomena on dreams. Interesting features of this research are the use of electromagnetic recordings of EEGs, ultraviolet and infrared sensors, precise weight analysis, and the correlation of these technical factors with electromagnetic fields, moon and planetary positions, and barometric changes.

C.G. Jung connected depth psychology with theoretical physics and the natural sciences. An examination of what he and others have had to say about “synchronicity” leads the scientifically trained mind to the conclusion that synchronicity is a trickster. The clown theme appears in the folklore of many cultures and is generally connected to a belief in the occult or supernatural forces.

UFO activity, analyzed by computer, seems to be some kind of scheduled reinforcement. If it is scheduled reinforcement who is causing it? Such reinforcement may have been the purpose of the odd aircraft activity which I observed, or it may have been to make me sure that humans only were involved. Most likely they were relay stations which have to get close enough to read the electromagnetic field given off by the human brain and body. When the CIA says that they cannot read Russian minds, it may be because they can’t get near enough to do so. “UFOs” may act as relay stations by getting close enough to a position of the subject, then read signals and transmit them.

Left to himself, an individual may truly be said to be free except for his early childhood conditioning, and the values of his own which he has developed through trial and error which either negatively or positively reinforce his beliefs and behavior. Panic or emotionally upsetting conflicts can be evoked by stimulating conflicting drives. Under ordinary conditions, when two drives are unequal, the stronger suppresses the weaker. The manipulation of living creatures becomes possible when the means exists to activate and combine two different drives or cause confusion. Ordinary stimuli might be music and alcohol, and the added artificially-induced drive might be sexual stimulation with high frequency microwave energy. The automobile and the home can be invaded with messages from phone or satellite. Traffic control by aircraft is common. Why not mind control or directed thinking?

Laser-projected Voices tell me, “You are doing what you want to do,” but I am never free of their broadcast stimuli which I can feel, and microwave or ultrasonic frequencies of which I may be totally unaware. I cannot be sure that I am not really in pain due to natural causes. I only feel unaccountable changes in mood such a depression, euphoria or relief.

As long as I was unaware of what was going on, I could delude myself that my spontaneous activity was the result of the continual shifting and interplay of forces and ideas in my central nervous system. When I became aware that my environment was partially controlled, there were a whole new set of variables with which to cope. For me the price has been a complete turn-off of sexual fantasy affecting my sex life, and heightened, unpleasant nervous tension. I cannot pray, dream or aspire privately. There is no escape from the mundane, continuously present flat line of controlled or directed thinking. It gives me present and an unpleasant, nightmarish, repellent, at times falsely seductive, intimate, existentialist quality. One is traveling mentally from no-where to no-where. You exist in a funny house world with distorting mirrors. The reflections are partly real, partly exaggerated and partly transitional. My greatest strength has been a sense of humor and proportion. To fall below the flat line of directed thinking results in depression.

The physical pain which can be inflicted, and the depression evoked are the greatest strengths of the operators at the other end of the beam. I cannot quite imagine how they measure the distortion they cause except from a reading of verbal thought, spoken words and unusual physical actions. At the very least they can immobilize or neutralize to the point of death through the inhibition of natural physical processes, the use of pain, and disruption of mental activity. The amount of mental activity blocked by depression is hard to gage. Since the process began I have not often had a free choice about what I wanted to think, and even when I did, I was aware that someone was reading my thoughts either directly through computer printout or indirectly at a later time and doing programmed bugging. In any case, the human urge to think, dream, love and create have been frustrated.

One of the beauties of the situation for the perpetrators is that the victim has no records, tapes or pictures except those subjectively stored, written or spoken. The subject is in a classical neurotic, no-win situation. There are few dates, people or facts to report. Only a limited number of people in electronics, and our Federal government, can fit the fragments of circumstantial evidence together. Those who monitor equipment, simply monitor equipment. The blips, numbers, tapes and film clips that might result, are too removed from the flesh and blood, and transmitted over too great a distance to have any emotional meaning for the operators. They may not even know what they are transmitting. The only individuals to whom the object might be at all human would be a psychological behavioral result.

If my premises are true, the United States government is involved in a program to control behavior through biophysics and electrochemical control. In July 1977, The New York Times reported a fourteen-year program by the CIA intelligence services to control human behavior with drugs, electric shock, radiation, ultrasonics, psychology and psychosurgery. As reported in Time, August 17, 1977, Admiral Stansfield Turner, testifying on CIA activity said that there had been no drug testing since 1973. He did not say that the use of ultrasonics, microwave and electrochemical energy had been discontinued. It never will be, because it is the technology of both now and the future.

It is encouraging that there were difficulties finding psychiatrists to conduct experiments for the CIA. One memorandum reported that a particular psychiatrist might not care to cooperate in certain more “revolutionary” phases of the project. Another psychiatrist was described as having no ethical compunctions about being completely cooperative in the program regardless of how bizarre it might be.

The CIA investigated bioplasma fields or weak electromagnetic fields surrounding both human and inanimate objects and monitored the bioplasma fields of agents, according to The New York Times. I am inclined to think that they were training agents in receiving laser messages and trying out the reading of unspoken thoughts formulated into words mentally. They also worked with trained seals and otters in the well-researched field of ultrasonics. Humans hear in a range of 15 - 20,000 cycles per second or hertz. Any frequency higher than this is ultrasonic, and cannot be consciously perceived.

Newspaper accounts based on actual occurrences of unethical experiments show a procession of unpalatable events, exposed due to the persistence of individuals in freedom-loving organizations. Attempts have been made to present human experiments in a favorable light. Our scientific journals are replete with limited, but existing tales of experiments in which the individual was too incompetent due to mental incapacity or age to protest being used as a human guinea pig. The fact is that there are people in this country who have been subjected to experimentation both willingly and inadvertently.

In 1950, Army reports show that a cloud of bacteria was sprayed over the San Francisco Bay area resulting in cases of pneumonia. In 1956, the CIA and the Army sprayed an unknown substance in New York City streets and the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels as part of their MK-Ultra program. Between 1949 and 1969, a period of twenty years, tests were carried out with simulated bacteriological substances in the United States, Alaska and Hawaii. These are facts, not fiction involving Dr. Strangelove.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, a Church of Scientology group uncovered documents released by the CIA which showed that someone in this agency signed out a specimen of whooping-cough bacteria, Hemophilus pertussis, from the Army’s biological warfare center in Fort Deterick, Maryland, on January 26, 1955 for testing. Florida state medical records show that the whooping cough outbreak killed twelve persons in the mid-1950s. The whooping cough bacteria was used in tests in Tampa Bay and near Sebring, Florida. Records show that whooping cough cases jumped in 1954 from 339 with one death, to 1,080 with twelve deaths in 1955, an increase of over two hundred percent. Tampa Bay was one of the three places that showed a sharp increase. The CIA now says that most of its chemical and biological files were destroyed in 1973 by order of Director Richard Helms.

In December 1980, the wife of a member of the Canadian Parliament and four other Canadians sued the U.S. government for five million dollars in U.S. District Court, charging that a Montreal psychiatrist conducted CIA-financed brainwashing experiments on them between 1957 and 1963. During this time they were given LSD and massive electroshock treatments to wipe out past behavior patterns. (The government track record on LSD is well-known through the publicized suicide of a U.S. government scientist, and the ensuing successful suit of his family twenty years later.) The Canadians were subjected to continuously played tape messages to induce new brain patterns. The plaintiffs contended that their mental health remains impaired as a result.

During Project Dork, the Army released a powerful hallucinogenic drug, BZ, ten to one hundred times more potent than LSD, in clouds during tests in Utah in 1964. Between 1960 and 1969, 362 people were involved. The tests were supposed to prove that enemy soldiers could be incapacitated by inducing delirium. The effects were measured at a distance of a thousand yards. The “volunteer” subjects experienced an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, increased blood flow or flushing, dry mouth and loss of appetite, hyperactive peristaltic sounds, weakness or tightness in legs, persistent blurred vision and urinary frequency. Except for the visual difficulties, the other symptoms were at least found to be reversible with adequate physostigmine treatment. Three-dozen individuals who underwent the tests still complain of aftereffects including the birth of abnormal children who are mentally deficient. The volunteers themselves suffer memory lapses, hallucinations and, not surprisingly, emotional problems.

Federal snoops have used one-way mirrors to investigate and record sexual activity in San Francisco. Both the FBI and the CIA have been used in covering up and disseminating false information.

Functions of the FBI or the local police who are responsible for protecting all Federal installations have been performed by the CIA, a violation of their CIA charter and resulting in actions against American citizens. CIA directors have always worn two hats as heads of the intelligence community and as heads of their own agency. The supra-directorship of the American Intelligence Community was enhanced by President Ford on paper when he made the CIA Director overall head of the intelligence community. At that time the Director would tell the Secretary of Defense what to do with his intelligence agencies. Military intelligence, including the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency and the intelligence arms of the three services have more than five times as many people, and more than ten times the budget of the CIA and State Department intelligence service combined.

You should not delude yourself that Cabinet Officers appointed by the President have any real power. Commenting on his official title as Assistant Secretary for Defense for Public Affairs, Thomas B. Ross said, “I’m in charge of 300-plus people inside the building (Pentagon) and 3,000 public information people worldwide and a budget of $50 million, yet I can fire exactly two people, my civilian deputy and my secretary.” What we get for $50 million is debatable.

The CIA’s Science and Technology Directorate’s annual budget was one hundred million dollars per year. The Directorate of Science and Technology of the CIA includes the Office of Electronics, the Office of Special Projects, and the Office of Computer Services. Overruns are funded largely by the Air Force which underwrites the national overhead reconnaissance effort for the entire U.S. intelligence community. The projected FY ‘81 budget included a research and development figure for the Department of Defense of $16.565 billion, forty-six percent of the total national Research and Development budget. Obviously with this kind of funding, many universities and industrial scientists work for the Department of Defense. Many of our officer cadre have Ph.D.’s. They represent a technological-military elite and work with the university, industry, and think tank personnel; many of them who have security clearance are not allowed to talk to you or me. Our armed services have sufficient money and instrumentation for national defense, and unlimited snooping, at home and abroad.

Several hundred satellites in space give us most of our early-warning detection of an enemy attack. Much of our communications intercept capabilities, our ability to intercept exotic new radars in space are also relayed by satellite. A hundred percent of our ability to predict the weather is now in space. Most of our ability to navigate submarines and ships and aircraft will soon be based there. Theoretically the satellites make it almost impossible for secret war preparations and thus keep the peace. This lack of privacy between nations extends to individuals.

The U.S. has more than a dozen satellites watching the Soviet activities, taking high resolution pictures, collecting communications signals and penetrating darkness and camouflage sensing heat and color variations. A worldwide network of antennae eavesdrops on Russian communications ranging from telephone calls to sensitive military radio messages. Giant radars follow test flights of missiles and photograph reentry vehicles as they land in the Pacific or on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

It has become difficult to know whether national defense is a defense or an offense. The National Reconnaissance Office, one of our country’s most expensive and sensitive intelligence organizations, is likely to be reviewed by the Reagan administration. NRO is known as a black organization; that is, none of its work is subject to public scrutiny.

Despite a program lasting many years, U.S. intelligence complains that the Soviet Union might be ahead technologically and that the Soviets already have land-based laser capable of shooting down low-orbiting U.S. spy satellites. They fear that if the Soviets get their projected 11-ton space station aloft that they could put such a weapon in space.

As a result of this the Defense Department awarded a $58.7 million contract for its own ASAT program to Vought Corporation of Dallas. The U.S. plan was not to use anything so crude as radar or infrared, but to put into space hunter-killer satellites by the mid-1980s armed with lasers that could vaporize metal in twenty billionths of a second.

Navstar Global Positioning Systems (GPS) will tell anyone who tunes in exactly where he is anywhere in the world. It has been speculated that GPS can eventually be used on anything that floats, flies, runs, walks, crawls, or slithers. This is a method which could be used now by any intelligence agency to bug an individual.

Another method of person-to-person communications through space without any intervening wires became possible when Elliot Gruenberg at IBM came up with a retro-directive oscillating loop for communications instead of a conventional transmitter-receiver. Called Synapz and manufactured by Broad-Com, Inc. of Cos Cob, Connecticut, its electronic mirrors in the form of antennas send a microwave signal back where it came from and leads to two-way TV without cable. Retro-directive arrays across the country would use atmospheric electronic noise to maintain a radio link with each other and to send messages from any point in the system to any other. Such a system, fixed on a human MEG could account for automatic feedback, plus visualization of any kind. Engineers reviewing Synapz for NASA say that it appears promising, and claim that even the experts are not entirely sure how it works. It was demonstrated to the Department of Defense and is to be used as a space link and alternative to the technology proposed by the Bell System to expand use of mobile telephone service nationwide. Somebody evidently understands very well how it works.

At one time radio telescopes and optical telescopes were not the same thing. Now we have optical interferometers using laser which combine listening and optical ability, plus lenses that see any wave length of the electromagnetic spectrum including infrared for night vision and smog, gamma rays, ultraviolet, etc.

Honeywell advertises their manufacture of everything form thermographic (meaning heat sensitive) body scanners to optical interferometers. The use of halogen compounds which have broad transmission capabilities for all types of things, from satellite weather monitoring to infrared night-vision systems through laser-assisted nuclear fusion for the conversion of energy. Honeywell’s research is partially funded by the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense. Honeywell advertises that their scientists worked with both university and commercial instrumentation experts to develop a holographic and shearing interferometer system. They say that combined with their previously developed video digitization/fringe analysis system this new interferometer provides a unique system for non-contact optical evaluation.

Using an electronically powered radio telescope you have a machine optimized to detect extremely weak signals. Recently GEODSS (ground based electro-optical deep space surveillance) was completed two years ahead of schedule. GEODSS uses three powerful, miniaturized telescopes to scan the skies. The images they convey are focused onto sensitive photoimaging tubes rather than film. Using an outgrowth of military night-vision devices, these tubes convert the faintest flickers of light into electronic impulses fed into computers. GEODSS photographs rapidly several electronic snapshots. Moving objects between exposures are recorded by computer. Images that remain the same are erased. The information can be relayed by microwave and satellite to NORAD’s master computers. GEODSS is an optical digital computer using laser, not integrated circuits, to carry and process signals. It performs in microseconds tasks that occupied photogrammetricians for hours, and can spot a soccer ball 25,000 miles up.

Magnetic observations by the Stanford Solar Observatory can detect magnetic intensities to a few hundredths of a gauss. The MEG (magnetoencephalogram) which records the magnetic field surrounding the human head is measured in gauss. It is not too hard to imagine that somewhere there exists a holographic interferometer specially developed to read the magnetic waves of the human brain at a distance.

Since 1973, the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Defense Department has utilized the combined efforts of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, the University of California at Los Angeles, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Ames Research Center at Moffett Field in California to read minds at a distance by deciphering the brain’s magnetic waves. The Pentagon denied the project was secret although a reporter was ousted from a meeting on the subject by someone identified as a member of the CIA.

The MEG (magnetoencephalogram) is many times more sensitive than EEG (electroencephalogram). MEG was originally reported in 1968. A computer search of the current literature reveals little published on MEG because it is undoubtedly classified in ARPA’s (Advanced Research Projects Agency) computer network. ARPA controls and funds a computer network, ARPANET, which connects various educational and research institutions across the country. In 1972, twenty-seven institutions were joined by leased lines capable of handling data at a rate of fifty kilobits a second.

Searching for help and information, I approached an acquaintance who unknown to me had been a former member of RAND and a designer of ARPANET. He represented to me that ARPANET was a benign activity. He even has a computer terminal in his house connected to it. ARPA research information is stored in this “locked computer” and unavailable. Access to “Host” computers is controlled by an IMP (interface message processor). ARPANET is also linked to NORSAR (Norwegian Seismic Array) and SDAC (Seismic Data Analysis Center) in Alexandria, Virginia. A satellite link transmits NORSTAR real-time data to SDAC. There it is combined and correlated with data from other non-secret global arrays to achieve a composite picture and made available to selected ARPANET users, including the NSA (National Security Agency) with whom it maintains a direct link. Somehow “benign” is not a word I would use to describe the activity of this computer network.

All graduations of feelings and actions of which we are capable are provided by variations in the frequencies of nerve impulses and by the number of nerve cells stimulated. The brain signal is even simpler than Morse code because it uses only dots. All information can be translated by the number of dots, and the manner in which they are grouped. Communications engineers call this system pulse frequency modulation. The cerebral cortex is a resonator that encodes frequencies. To convert measurable brain signals or nerve signals to digital code for computer is extremely easy.

The computer can recognize approximately sixty-four phonemes into which the English language has been divided. It is reasonable to deduce that the computer is capable of recognizing the patterns these phonemes produce in any human brain.

Unlike the EEG, the MEG records signals primarily from a small area of the cortex free of the smearing effects of bone. This helps scientists pinpoint the source of electrical signals from the brain and to study the activities of the cortex. The MEG reads only the magnetic fields produced by nerve fibers close to the skull which are in the cortex. Any difference between EEG and MEG signals means that the source is deep in the brain and not cortical in nature. Both are necessary for the interpretation of thought and action of the human being. The MEG provides a map of the sensory homunculus or Brodmann’s cortical areas through which the human anatomy can be targeted. All parts of the face, hands, legs, foot, trunk, shoulder, mouth and intra-abdominal area can be stimulated by electrical contact with the cortex.

Under ordinary conditions nobody around you is able to hear or understand your thoughts, but unbeknownst to you, every action, thought, and emotion, can result in the driving of the muscles involved in vocalization. The nerve impulses that activate them produce paths of electric potentials in the brain and muscles. The nerve impulse or electric potential is a miniature electrochemical explosion that travels along outside the nerve fiber as a vortex ring of negative ions.

The Departments of Neurometrics at Stanford and New York University have brought the EEG to a new degree of sophistication by using computers to remove artifacts, such as sixty cycle hum and eye and body movements, to compute the wave shape of the AER (average evoked response) to a particular stimulus.

Brain waves of volunteers have been analyzed as they look at photographs and are presented with true or false questions. The computer attempts to determine if the volunteer recognizes a specific photograph or is thinking true or false. Researchers claim they can determine when a volunteer recognizes another face by analyzing that volunteer’s brain waves.

At Stanford, scientists are attempting to reverse this process and are attempting to transmit thoughts and instructions by playing previously recorded brain waves; thus, “You are programming yourself.” The human brain and eye are also being studied with computers so that photographic process can be understood. “We are seeing through your eyes.”

The difficulties involved in reading these microwaves became surmountable with the deployment of SQUID (super conducting quantum interference device) which uses niobium coils in liquid helium. It is a circuit capable of measuring minute quantities of magnetic field or flux, quantum by quantum. It makes possible the measurement of the smallest magnetic fields. With modern electronic techniques, environmental magnetic noise is almost completely eliminated. By using a holographic interferometer (acoustic telescope) optimized to detect weak signals it would be possible to read the microvolt print of any human brain, since brain prints are as distinctive as fingerprints. Each individual has his own characteristic pattern of shifts in frequency and size. Thus brain waves of one individual can be distinguished from those of another.

Electronic devices use ultrasonic waves to store and recognize electronic signals for use at a later time, perform operations that usually require a computer, and separate one signal from another. They also amplify weak electrical signals using ultrasonic waves. It is possible to do things with acoustic surface waves that are difficult to do with simple electronic components, i.e., recognize a signal of known form. Laser is so sensitive that it can actually “hear” and record the electrical potentials of nerves as they are transmitted.

The interdigital transducer converts the electrical signal into an acoustic surface wave and reconverts the acoustic wave back into an electrical signal. Acoustic surface wave devices can be made precisely and uniformly by photolithographic reproduction techniques and are programmable. Such a device recognizes any desired code or signal from among other digital codes even in the presence of considerable “noise,” responding strongly to the programmed signal and weakly to all others. This kind of device is used in radar technology enabling air-traffic controllers to accurately pick out the unique identification signal of each aircraft as it comes within range.

Another silicon chip, IOSA (integrated optic spectrum analyzer) uses surface acoustic waves to convert processed radar signals into sound waves. The sound waves interact with light from a tiny solid-state laser and cause the beam to bend toward a detector array made of charged coupled devices. This amount of deflection indicates the frequency of the radar signal. This device is part of a telemetry or remote measuring system which involves picking up signals, transmitting them to a distant location for conversion into displays, recordings or comparisons with other data. Automated reactions to information received directly or indirectly may be programmed.

Wave analyzers deal with the complex oscillations of the brain in somewhat the same way that a prism separates the colors of a beam of light. The components of this complex wave are isolated by electronic circuits tuned to several frequencies. A statistical average can be determined from many readings. From this information, the versatility of the brain under investigation can be assessed, as well as its repertoire of adaptive stratagems.

If mind reading is to take place, this technique must be applied to all parts of the brain at once involving many analyzers. Problems for researchers used to be found in the fact that frequency analysis of tactics might come too late to be of immediate value. In the past, frequency analysis did not give information on how rapidly changing signals from different parts of the brain related, or which of suggested meanings would be the correct choice. Now, via computer, all this can be instantly known.

Suppose it is true, as some officials insist, that the MEG cannot really be read at a distance. What would make one believe that one’s mind was read? Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been developing over a period of at least twenty years. Many scientists have been engaged in making it seem that the computer can think. At a 1980 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Robert Wilensky of the University of California at Berkeley was asked if his program, PAM, had intelligence. PAM incorporates a sense of how people analyze and reason.

Does the computer augment human intelligence instead of interpreting and repeating it? To do this the computer must deal with a massive volume of data and requires selectivity or the ability to decide what is or is not relevant. To the group of programmers at the meeting, the human brain is theoretically existent proof against computers. Perhaps they do not talk to bioengineers.

The Cray, a large computer, has twenty to one hundred times the capacity of the smaller ones. It is different from machines that simply keep track of facts. It is specially designed for problem solving and can carry out biomedical experiments with the computer simulating the human effects. The Cray does one hundred million calculations a second. The human brain can only process five thousand bits of information per second. What kind of match for the Cray would you be?

The computer works by using an acoustic processor to sample the wave patterns of the speaker’s voice at least 20,000 times a second. The information in the sample is digitized. A thousand samples are collected at a time and put through the procedure called discrete Fourier transform, which involves adding, subtracting and integrating waveforms to produce a useful synthesis of the information over time. This yields characteristic patterns known as spectral time samples, one hundred of them every second. The computer compares these with prototypes stored in the processor’s memory. The processor classifies the time samples according to the sounds of the original word. As the acoustic processor puts them out, a linguistic decoder matches the sound patterns to the most probable sentence pattern they seem to fit.

Current “injection logic” circuits, (Josephson junctions) operate at temperatures so low that metal loses resistance to electric current. The less resistance, the faster the current flows and the faster the computer works. Invented by Tushar Gheewals at IBM, the circuits operate in as little as 13 picoseconds, or trillionth of a second. Roughly, a picosecond is to a second what a second is to thirty years. This is about the same as the speed of light.

Suppose you are observed over a long enough period of time for analysis of your thoughts, speech, prejudices, view-points, sexual peculiarities, and likes or dislikes of both people and things. What kinds of words would make you happy or unhappy if they were programmed by an artificial intelligence expert with the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist? “Bizarre,” you say. “Possible,” I say, psychological analysis has been a hobby for a long time.

Let’s take it a little further, and let’s assume the computer program is out to make you as uncomfortable as possible in the privacy of your own home or anyplace else. “Really, impossible,” you say. Stop and think a while. It takes a little getting used to. There will be many things in your life that upset you or make you unhappy. You may have expressed yourself aloud to close friends in person or on the phone. You may have blown your stack at work or been talked about. In our society the walls literally have ears. Anything that vibrates can be read at a distance, even your vocal cords. Assume that for some reason you come to the attention of someone in security, either national or international. You could do this very easily by making an overseas phone call or a trip, or you could have a relative who is involved with someone in whom the U.S. government is interested.

Originally, when the harassment began, I wondered if the repetition of my thoughts were bounced back by a tape recorder. Later I realized that only a fast computer could transmit them back, and that no human could read it back so quickly over space. Human comment, however, might be inserted by an observer reading some kind of visual display if he was close enough.

Properly programmed, the Cray can project to you in any voice selection on the basis of the structure of your sentenced thought, which will reach it before you have really formulated it, and select either a suitable programmed answer or read back to you what you have been thinking. Thus, you may really be programming yourself. It may even seem to anticipate your answers.

What I am saying is that you have to transform the thoughts in your mind verbally but silently. Although they are unspoken, the muscles that drive speech formulate the words in advance, and can form an electric potential track in your brain that can be read at a distance by telemetry. Each nerve impulse causes a sound imperceptible to the human ear which can be picked up by laser.

A trained observer or observers can insert speech if they read what you are about to think or say. There is a lag time between the formation of the words in your brain and the formed thought, which gives the computer time to read part or all, or guess to a fair degree of accuracy what you think, and return an appropriate or inappropriate answer depending upon how you feel about it. At times they may even seem funny. Your electric potentials will always anticipate you a little.

The feeling that your mind is being read can be produced by a thought being verbally introduced at a subliminal level. At that threshold you are not aware that it is presented, but because your brain resonates, the thought is received and you become “conscious” of it. It is designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or behavior of the individual. It literally “crosses your mind.” Next, at a higher sound level a Voice repeats the thought you just received without knowing it, thus consciously producing the sensation of mind reading in the receiver. You think, “they must be reading my mind!” What they are really doing is presenting an acceptable idea in your phraseology that you are most likely to be thinking while you are involved in a particular kind of activity.

Subliminal aural suggestion presented in a manner typical of your habits of thought and speech is hard for the receiver to distinguish from the original thought, original in that it really started in the mind of the receiver and wasn’t suggested to him. Just how hard is it to differentiate between the two, the original idea and the suggested idea, is hard to estimate. You really have to be paying strict attention to yourself and what you are doing. You still might not be certain, because the presented idea might be typical of your mind set so that you could accept or go along with it. Should the idea just “pop” into your head and not be part of a train of thought you might be suspicious. Unfortunately, with this kind of thing, an idea can be “slipped” in. If it seems logical or fits your mood or mode of thought, you would not question it. Often it would not matter, but while using machinery, driving a car, or piloting a plane it could become fatal.

Suppose you forget something and suddenly were reminded at a subliminal level. You could not be sure that you yourself remembered or whether it was called to your attention by an outside mind keeping track of your activity. You could be writing something and thinking as you write and suddenly write the wrong word. On re-reading it, you would realize that as you wrote it, it was “introduced.” You might misdial a phone number and not be sure whether you made a natural mistake or one that was inflicted at a subliminal level.

When you finally realize what is really going on you are certainly going to be upset, at the very least. High “verbals” are natural prey for this kind of situation, especially if they can be observed. They express themselves well, often aloud in writing. Their thought patterns and methods of arriving at conclusions or solutions, their modi operandi, can be predicted if they are observed over time.

It is an extremely debilitating, nightmarish situation to be in. For instance, during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep when you are dreaming, ideas are verbally suggested to you at a subliminal level thus controlling or influencing your dream content. With a combination of subliminal, aural presentation of ideas plus the introduction or infliction of bizarre physical effects, real hallucinatory images and effects could be produced. The more emotionally upset you are, the more effective this kind of psychological technique is likely to be.

We used to worry about just being observed in our homes. In George Orwell’s 1984, every home had a watching monitor. It is now only 1981. The monitor has been around since the fifties in one form or another. The ultimate in mind control has become possible. We have the technology, the psychological techniques and the people willing to use them. It is not preventable at present. Fortunately, we still have time to protect ourselves from government experimentation if we are aware of it, because only the U.S. government has the technology, manpower and material to mount such an effort.

Once you are a victim you become aware of the possibility of suggestions to people; who you meet casually, or your friends, or relatives, or your immediate family. There is no one who cannot be reached in this way. You are never absolutely positive that what they say or do is suggested, but you may have strong suspicions when something they do seems atypical, or out of context, or something is said you have been forced to listen to before involuntarily.

In the future we may all have to go around wearing some protective device on our heads to prevent our resonating cortexes from receiving unwanted messages. My brother’s suggestion of putting a bucket over my head was not too far off. The only problem with his suggestion was that a bucket is not sophisticated enough.

You know your cortical signals are read, because you receive obnoxious stimuli to various parts of your anatomy through the electrical stimulation of the cortical layer or your brain. The cortex has been mapped, and stimulation of the proper section of cortex will make you salivate, sneeze or jump with muscle spasms, twitch or jerk. This sounds like a grade B movie, but the script is programmed by the U.S. intelligence service with your tax money.

Cray II was in the works in early 1979, and the prediction was that it would do 500 million calculations a second, not just 100 million. A third, even faster computer, was taking shape in Seymour Cray’s mind beyond this. At Livermore’s fusion computer center a scientist said, “There’s no machine that Seymour Cray can conceive that would be too fast for us.” When it comes through his bedroom door some night he may change his mind. Perhaps with his security clearance he won’t have to worry, and will be able to ask it to leave, with the people who are operating it.

Now, I know from talking to others that you are going to say, “But, it would take an awful lot of money and manpower to mount such an effort. Who would be interested in you, or me, or anyone?” The other, very human reaction is, “Who would be so mean that they would do such a thing to you?”

Both of these arguments ignore the facts. We have unlimited material and manpower on duty twenty-four hours a day. The second response about mean people, is the most naive. Read the newspapers about what we still do to our Black People; the reactions of Blacks and Chicanos to unresponsive government; or the treatment of women by the military when they have the temerity to enlist. You can still read about WW II concentration camp victims and operators. Current European court cases are testimony forty years later to just how “mean” mankind can be.

You should not be optimistic about civil liberties in an age when you are carefully examined by the Department of Education, the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Motor Vehicles, labor unions, medical insurance companies, credit companies, banks, employers, and all these facts are carefully stored in some computer to be regurgitated either by accident, or on purpose, when you least expect it and for the flimsiest of excuses. Add to this, money from the LEAA (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration) for police enforcement, intelligence, and so-called crime fighting; and you will find that it is only a short step from your police department to your bedroom, if some nosy Nellie of either sex decides to make life hot for you! Our society isn’t open, it is wide open. If anything else is to be done about harassment and the preservation of privacy, then people must be made aware of what is possible now, incredible though as the facts may seem.

Among acknowledged gadgets are a police crowd control device consisting of a high frequency sound generator which produces about twenty-five to thirty-five kilohertz, coupled to a high efficiency tweeter and some concentrating baffles. This machine is something like a bullhorn. The beam produces severe nausea, pain, the desire to urinate and defecate, but more especially to get out of range. There is no reason why these symptoms cannot be produced from space.

In the home, sonic cushions that contain transducers which emit low frequency musical vibrations directly into the body of the person sitting against them are becoming familiar. The cushion has a separate power amplifier that hooks to any music system. Recently a popular magazine suggested that sitting upon such a cushion produced pleasurable sexual sensations. Teddy bears similarly equipped are used to lull babies to sleep.

Hearing aids are available which fit eyeglass frames to send vibrating waves through the bone structure at the back of the ear so that the deaf may hear. This hearing aid is the result of miniaturization involving an ultra-small microphone and amplifier. It contains transducers that transmit vibrations directly into the body of the person in contact with it. The whole device fits into the stem of the eyeglass frame.

Such microminiaturization in which a microscope has to be used to etch or photograph a circuit on a silicon chip is relatively easy for the layperson to grasp. Not so easy is micromeasurement and sensing. One type of light sensor or photosensitive matrix is a composite of 10,000 minute silicon light sensors on a chip about a quarter of an inch square. Reflected light is focused onto the matrix. The resultant pattern of lighted and unlighted sensors is fed into circuitry for conversion into measurements of area, height, width, etc., which in turn are converted into a seven digit code. Field effect transistors calibrate to infinitesimal accuracy. Small built-in computers convert data into an audio signal or print. Recorded data can then be transmitted over ordinary telephone lines to a computer bank. Some TVs are equipped with a decoder to convert sound to print for the deaf.

Much of the technology that we are now using has been under development over a long period of time. The prototype of the modern mind-reader was developed in 1947 and called the Toposcope. It was similar to twenty-two small television or radar sets.

Research on the human brain has been made possible by some of the newer machines. The Sono Chromoscope is currently being evaluated at the National Institutes of Health to identify tumors and abnormalities. Cheaper than x-ray, it is absolutely safe and permits continuous recording of tissue at work. Computer technology converts one kind of signal into another to produce an accurate diagnostic color picture of the human interior. High frequency sonar is transmitted in blue, while low frequency may be a red dot.

NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) tomography can map the progress of chemicals injected into the brain. The Gamma Ray camera, consisting of 254 scintillation detectors, each collimated to scan approximately one square centimeter of brain cortex is connected to a small digital computer. This, in turn, is connected to a TV where the blood flow level is shown in specific colors indicating what areas of the brain are active.

The whole body can be placed in a magnetic field of 450 gauss exciting body atoms with radio waves. Subsequent measurement of the intensity of the waves emitted over time gives information about the chemical composition of the subject’s tissues. The time it takes for the atoms to “relax” after radio wave bombardment gives some indication of the cell’s general nature. NMR employs no ionizing radiation and therefore seems safer than conventional techniques like x-ray.

The PETT (position electron tracking tomogram) tracks radioactive chemicals and forms a computerized image, providing the first direct glimpse of the brain at work, plus a more superior estimate of its condition than CAT (computer assisted tomography). The computer reconstructs abstract measurements into images played out in color on a TV screen. PETT scan can be photographed or videotaped while an individual is walking, talking, reading or thinking.

FOCUS (flexible optical control unit simulator) projects hallucinatory images directly on the retina of the eye. When the images are projected the subjects show the same bodily responses that they would by taking a drug. The subjects cannot tell the machine images from reality. FOCUS was developed at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute by Ron Siegel, an experimental psychologist, who eventually hopes to control retrieval of imagery information at will, including that of daydreams, sleep, and hallucinations.

There is a common wiring and a correspondence of chemical and electrical properties in the human brain. Fever, delirium, epilepsy, syphilis, photostimulation, sensory deprivation, extreme hunger, cold, thirst, crystal gazing, swinging in the witch’s cradle, hypoglycemia, and a variety of drug intoxications make the brain respond in patterns that are definable, predictable and explainable in terms of where they come from and how they were produced. This universal experience is probably what Jung meant by the “collective unconscious” and typified by symbols like the mandala.

Body functions tend to synchronize around stimuli that match them in frequency. Baselines from normal individuals have been established through measurements with the EEG (electroencephalogram). The EEG shows brain waves in both periodic and pulse mode. At normal frequencies, eight to twelve alpha waves occur per second. Breathing, heart rate, and the rhythm of alpha waves can be controlled to some extent both by the individual himself and the external stimuli such as lights and microwaves.

Radio-scientist Anthony Fraser-Smith has shown that the third rail of San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit and Washington D.C.’s Metro expose people up to 160 kilometers away to broadcasts of ultra-low frequency radiation from ten hertz to .001 hertz. Studies have shown that human reaction time increases at 0.2 hertz. These frequencies make people feel drowsy and produce changes in their blood.

With this in mind it is easier to comprehend that brain control by electronic stimulation is possible in much the same way that a heart pacer is used to regulate the heart beat. Both seen and unseen, heard and unheard wave frequencies can affect the brain and nervous system.

Some researchers show that theta waves predominate when an individual is involved in memory storage and learning. They also seem to occur in times of reverie, annoyance or anxiety. Animals which retain training best, show the highest levels of theta waves during training. Ross Adey, however, has shown that he can increase the rate of learning and memory retention in primates and cats by using a frequency range similar to the alpha and beta waves of the brain.

During hypnotism, synchronization of breathing, heartbeat and alpha waves takes about ten minutes in a willing subject, and is associated with feelings of well being. A simple gadget like a hypnotism wheel with a special strobe pattern produces a falling illusion and produces a so-called trance state. These can also be produced by sound waves. Frequency rates of these biological signals are reduced during a trance-inducing procedure. As the mind becomes fixed it becomes more susceptible to suggestion. Relaxation, resting and sleep are also helpful in inducing a hypnotic trance. While hypnosis can be a helpful technique, it is also part of mind control.

Other brain waves have individual, identifiable frequencies. Beta, delta, and theta brain waves can be separated in any brain reading because they all have different frequencies. Recently an N400 wave has been identified, so named because it occurs 400 milliseconds after a sentence had been heard in which there is a high level of expectancy about its completion, and this expectancy is violated. The P300 wave occurs in response to a sudden alarm or flashing light, and occurs 300 milliseconds after the stimulus. A P300 wave comes not from the cortex, but from the limbic system where feelings originate and occurs only as an emotional response.

It is my belief that all these brain waves or electrical signals can be read at a distance, and that the human brain can be both a resonating transmitter and receiver. Further, I am saying that I am being harassed by unknown parties with whom I have been in constant contact for about three years consciously, and I am not sure how long before that, while base lines of various kinds were being established.

I have chosen a time in our national history to protest that the National Security Agency is undoubtedly experimenting with some of its more exotic toys on an unsuspecting civilian population, when we are in the process of giving back to the CIA and similar agencies some of the powers that had temporarily been taken away from them due to Watergate. Our Congress is in disarray, revealed by the FBI to be both gullible and venal. Our country’s petrochemical supply is being threatened by communist, and in the mist of all this, I come up with the idea that civil liberties and individual privacy are at stake in ways that seem inconceivable. Even in the best of times I would have difficulty getting a hearing for this kind of story.

Our present electronic laws are constructed to prosecute after the fact. There seems to be no successful method of proving harassment with this type of technology because there is no hard evidence. One of the reasons that it is impossible at present to prove, is that no one will admit publicly that the possibility exists. Despite the fact that William Colby mentions it on a TV show, and that a newspaper reporter was thrown out of a meeting in which well known Ph.D.’s from UCLA, MIT, NYU, NASA, and ARPA were specifically discussing a machine to read minds from a distance by deciphering the brain’s magnetic waves; and the specific goal of which is to exercise control over the brain. Nobody will admit that it can be done. The so-called experts have their jobs and families to protect. Security agency employees are bound by secrecy oaths, as are many academicians. The professors say, “That’s an area outside my expertise.” Paul said, “I am not into lasers.” Very few people have the kind of education necessary to understand the innate possibilities and dangers of current technology.

Anonymous phone calls are something for which we are beginning to find a cure. Anonymous broadcasts are something else, especially if only one person hears it. This is possible via laser. It is so precise that a whole new body of measurements is mandatory and possible.

Your most private and intimate bodily routines become forced performances and are commented on as they unfold. Your mentally verbalized fantasies become public property. You can be questioned at the subliminal level and started on a whole new train of thought. Thus the inserter of the question would have a very good clue as to what you were thinking about. You could also be made to change or modify your course of action, in other words “your mind.”

The worst element in all of this is subliminal suggestion, with its inherent capability of conditioning and directing thinking; and through this, control or direction of individual behavior both now and in the future. Young and unformed minds are going to be most susceptible. The emotionally upset and unstable will be next. Americans need education and information to defend against this kind of technocracy. Most of all they need to be told the truth.

I can keep silent and avoid embarrassment, ridicule and disbelief. A policeman told me to ignore it. A security man told me that my life could be made hell on earth. The main inventor, a physicist, told me it was impossible. The whole thing may be simply a combination of laser communication and AI, which I doubt. Regardless of what it is, all Americans can be reached, anywhere at anytime doing anything, without attachments and wires. Communications have come at least that far.

Currently on planet Earth stone-age man and spaceman coexist. We have been coming out of an ancient jungle and have stumbled into a technological battle zone. What man imagines, he will develop and continue to develop.

Although you cannot see them, only sense them, the largest unseen monsters are unchanged. They are ignorance, fear and superstition. The biggest question for our time is: How do we best adapt to this recent step in communications, and at the same time preserve the values we cherish?