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Alex Constantine - September 18, 2023

By Alex Constantine

Hunter Biden has been charged with three counts of lying when he purchased a firearm in October, 2018. Liberal commentators responded to the news by pointing out that many gun owners fib when purchasing a gun. Hunter's advocates also noted that no one has ever been prosecuted for this offense unless the weapon was used in the commission of a crime.

Think about judicial implications for a moment. Once in possession of the gun, the president's son committed no criminal offense. If he is convicted and sentenced, an important legal precent will be set: anyone who has ever lied when purchasing a gun (and that includes many current gun owners, s I say) whether or nut the weapon was used to commit a crime, can also be arrested, tried and imprisoned.

Many on the far-right are gun owners themselves. And many of them told little white lies when they purchased their weapons. They cheered when Hunter was indicted, evidently unaware that if he is convicted, they are also legal fair game, If Johnny law wants to lock one of them up, he will have a reasonable chance of doing so by simply examining gun purchase forms and permit applications in search of one stretched truth.

Rather than cheer Hunter's indictment, the far-right should pray to their merciful savior that the charges are dropped. If he is convicted, any gun owner who has committed the same minor offense can be locked up with little effort.

Ironically enough, gun control advocates everywhere have every reason to cheer, and even hope that Hunter is found guilty. It's not likely that he'd serve a stiff sentence, but the precedent will be set in stone. Belligerent gun-nuts on the far-right will be next in line to explain their little white (what else?) lies to a magistrate. They will also stand trial, but won't have Hunter's resources to cover legal fees. They will serve more severe sentences - confined, ruined, disgraced.

And the miscreants will owe it all to Hunter Biden.

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