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Forerunners of the Tea Party: A Birch Society Roll Call of Notorious White Supremacists

March 21, 2013 0

John Birch Society

Origin: The John Birch Society, per the late anti-fascist journalist George Seldes, is a spin-off of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), an influential right-wing corporate lobbying and propaganda front. SourceWatch: "The John Birch Society (JBS) is a conservative U.S. organization that was founded in 1958 to fight the threat of Communism. It represents itself as "a membership-based organization dedicated to restoring and preserving freedom under the United States Constitution. JBS advocates the abolition of income tax, and the repeal of civil rights legislation, which it sees as being Communist in inspiration. For this reason, its opponents characterize it as a white citizens' society dedicated to preventing minorities from gaining political power. At one time, the John Birch Society was very powerful and members included prominent residents of California including the Knott family. In their early days, Birchers shared a common ideology and some overlapping membership with Fred Schwarz and his California-based Christian Anti-communism Crusade. ...

"By March of 1961, Welch claimed between 60,000 and 100,000 members--but a more realistic estimate is closer to 10,000. ... According to its profile by Political Research Associates, JBS "pioneered grassroots lobbying, combining educational meetings, petition drives, and letter writing campaigns. One early campaign against the second Summit Conference between the US and the Soviet Union generated over 600,000 postcards and letters.."

"The JBS was viewed by mainstream journalists and politicians as an extremist, wing-nut organization of conspiracy theorists. Much of its early conspiracism, according to Political Research Associates, 'reflects an ultraconservative business nationalist critique of business internationalists networked through groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR is viewed through a conspiracist lens as puppets of the Rockefeller family in a 1952 book by McCarthy fan, Emanuel M. Josephson, Rockefeller, 'Internationalist': The Man Who Misrules the World. In 1962 Dan Smoot's The Invisible Government added several other policy groups to the list of conspirators, including the Committee for Economic Development, the Advertising Council, the Atlantic Council (formerly the Atlantic Union Committee), the Business Advisory Council, and the Trilateral Commission. Smoot had worked at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC before leaving to establish an anticommunist newsletter, the Dan Smoot Report.

"The shift from countersubversion on behalf of the FBI to countersubversion in the private sector was an easy one. The basic thesis was the same. In Smoot's concluding chapter, he wrote, 'Somewhere at the top of the pyramid in the invisible government are a few sinister people who know exactly what they are doing: They want America to become part of a worldwide socialist dictatorship, under the control of the Kremlin.'"

Official JBS Website:

Founding Date: 1958

Name Occupation Birth Death Known for John Birch Religion 28-May-1918 25-Aug-1945 Missionary to China killed during WW2 Willis Carto Activist 17-Jul-1926 Founder of Liberty Lobby, IHR Joseph Coors, Sr. Business 12-Nov-1917 15-Mar-2003 Ultraconservative beer baron Kent H. Courtney Activist 23-Oct-1918 12-Aug-1997 Ultraconservative activist William J. Grede Business 24-Feb-1897 5-Jun-1989 Grede Foundries, Inc. Edgar W. Hiestand Politician 3-Dec-1888 19-Aug-1970 Congressman from California, 1953-63 H. L. Hunt Business 17-Feb-1889 29-Nov-1974 Founder of Hunt Oil Nelson Bunker Hunt Business 22-Feb-1926 Tried to corner the silver market Fred C. Koch Business 23-Sep-1900 Nov-1967 Founder, Koch Industries Alfred Kohlberg Business 27-Jan-1887 7-Apr-1960 The China Lobby Man Tim LaHaye Religion 27-Apr-1926 Left Behind series Pat Manion Radio Personality 1896 1979 Manion Forum Robert Mathews Criminal 16-Jan-1953 8-Dec-1984 White supremacist died in shootout with FBI Larry McDonald Politician 1-Apr-1935 1-Sep-1983 Congressman from Georgia, 1975-83 John F. McManus Activist 1935 President, John Birch Society Evan Mecham Politician 12-May-1924 22-Feb-2008 Governor of Arizona, 1987-88 Tom Metzger Activist 9-Apr-1938 White supremacist Revilo P. Oliver Activist 7-Jul-1908 10-Aug-1994 Founding member, John Birch Society Westbrook Pegler Columnist 2-Aug-1894 24-Jun-1969 Ultraconservative newspaper columnist William Pierce Author 11-Sep-1933 23-Jul-2002 The Turner Diaries Archie Roosevelt Relative 9-Apr-1894 13-Oct-1979 Conservative leader against New Deal John H. Rousselot Politician 1-Nov-1927 11-May-2003 Congressman from California, 1961-63 & 1970-83 John G. Schmitz Politician 12-Aug-1930 10-Jan-2001 Congressman from California, 1970-73 Eric Show Baseball 19-May-1956 16-Mar-1994 MLB pitcher Cleon Skousen Activist 20-Jan-1913 9-Jan-2006 The Naked Communist Kevin Strom Activist 1956 Founder, National Vanguard Arthur R. Thompson Activist 1938 CEO, John Birch Society Edwin A. Walker Military 10-Nov-1909 31-Oct-1993 Ultraconservative activist Robert Welch Activist 1-Dec-1899 6-Jan-1985 Founder, John Birch Society


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