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Blackwater Changes its Name to Xe

Xe (pronounced /ˈzi/, formerly Blackwater Worldwide & Blackwater USA), is a private military company founded in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark. In Octob

Goodbye Gitmo, Next Up Blackwater

Also see: "Knight of Malta Joseph Schmitz is a Blackwater Counsel," "The Bush Administration's Ties to Blackwater," "The Fires Last Time (Blackwater Arson

The CIA & the Brothers Krongard

Alvin Buzzy Krongard - ABC News: "In a dramatic turn of events on Capitol Hill today, the State Department inspector general recused himself from all Black

The New Spies

When the Cold War ended, it didn't spell curtains for the secret agent. Private espionage is a booming industry and environmental protest groups are its pr

Blackwater? More Like Murky Water

pogoblog.typepad.com According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Inspector General, Blackwater may have improperly received numerous co

Plan Colombia Heads for Mexico

Written by Stephen Lendman 03 June 2008by Stephen LendmanIt's called "Plan Mexico," or more formally the "Merida Initiative," and here's the scheme. It'

Blackwater and the CIA

Excerpt: Blackwater's aggressive, entrepreneurial culture keeps its business growingwww.tradingmarkets.comMay 17, 2008... As the company grows, so do its h


By Noah Shachtman October 31, 2007 One of the world's most notorious mercenaries may soon be overseeing all of the State Department's security convoys in

The California Fires and Blackwater

CENSORED: San Diego Harris fire began at controversial Blackwater sitewww.liveleak.comRandi Rhodes Suggests that Blackwater Started California FiresNewsBus