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Our Ford Speaks from the Grave

Gerald Ford Writes His Final Book on the JFK Assassination" ... In this book, Ford confirms the role of the CIA in hiding and destroying information regard

Arthur Bremer Released from Prison

Excerpt from my book, The Covert War Against Rock (2000): " ... Wallace was campaigning at a shopping center in Laurel, Maryland, anappearance that drew a

FBI Agent who Killed for the Mafia

The Judge and the G-ManA radical on the bench weighs an FBI agent's fateby Tom RobbinsOctober 23rd, 2007 The case of People of New York vs. R. Lindley DeVe

Covert War Against Lucky Dube?

" ... leading music producer and top executive of entertainment conglomerate Urban Bew says it could have been a hit because nothing was stolen from him. '

Operation CONDOR References

Operation Condorhttp://www.mahalo.com/Operation_CondorThe Mahalo Top 7Wikipedia: Operation CondorWashington Post: An Assassination, A Failure to Act, A Pai