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Gerald Ford Writes His Final Book on the JFK Assassination

Alex Constantine - November 21, 2007

19 Nov 2007
Author : FlatSigned Press
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WASHINGTON, Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- On the first ever anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination since the passing of Gerald R. Ford who was the final surviving member of the Warren Commission, publisher Tim Miller releases President Ford's final comments on the JFK assassination with this exclusive book. Ford and his publisher argued over what information to include in this, Ford's final book which was released after his death. "I believe Ford and others knew more about the JFK assassination," says Tim Miller who is publisher of this book authored by the late Gerald Ford. This newly released book from Ford is part of a collection of his last written comments in book format on the subject of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

This week is the first ever anniversary since the passing of all members of the Warren Commission. The book, "A Presidential Legacy and The Warren Commission," provides a new look into the mind of a former president in his final years and is the only source for Ford's final written words in book format on the subject of the John F. Kennedy assassination, 9-11 and other major events of American history leading up to his death just months ago in December of 2006.

A major retailer had negotiated for an exclusive offering of the hand- signed version of this book but later backed out fearing negative ramifications. So the American people heard this news because they heard it here.

The trade edition is now available at most major bookstores. In addition, President Ford personally signed 3000 copies of a Limited Edition of this same book but released under the title "John F. Kennedy Death..." prior to his passing. Limited copies of the hand signed edition were never made available by the major chains. Limited quantities remain available directly from the publisher FlatSigned.com. Miller has been largely silent on this debate over what was and should have been included in this book and has a unique angle on the legacy of Ford and how it interacts with today's political agenda.

In this book, Ford "confirms the role of the CIA in hiding and destroying information regarding the assassination and rebuts critics and conspiracy advocates but contends with interesting specificity that Oswald was the only shooter." But his publisher, who argued with Ford over what should be included in this book and who worked minute-by-minute, the many drafts and final, published words along with the late president, disagrees.

"There was a conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy," says Tim Miller, CEO of FlatSigned.com. "There is no doubt that President Gerald Ford knew more about the JFK death. There is no doubt President Clinton knows more. Has he or any other US President since November 22, 1963 ever swore under oath that they know no more?"

Tim Miller is a Lyndon Baines Johnson scholar and former employee of the U.S. House of Representatives. He is the final publisher for the late president Gerald Ford. FlatSigned Books have been featured on national news, QVC and on other media. Miller was born in the 50s and grew up politically active during the 60s in the rural south. On Monday, November 19, 2007 he will appear on the national G. Gordon Liddy news broadcast from Washington, DC.

The recently released book titled "Write it When I'm Gone" is not authored by the former president. The books described in this release are actually authored by president Gerald R. Ford. The autographed copies were hand signed by the late president two years prior to his death.

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