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Operation CONDOR References

Alex Constantine - October 23, 2007

Operation Condor

Pino - Operation CONDOR ReferencesThe Mahalo Top 7

Wikipedia: Operation Condor
Washington Post: An Assassination, A Failure to Act, A Painful Parallel (2002)
Logos Journal: The Undead Ghost of Operation Condor (2005)
The Nation: Pulling Back the Veil on Condor (2000)
Human Rights in Latin America: Operation Condor: Clandestine Inter-American System (1999)
BBC: Condor legacy haunts South America (2005)
L'Humanite: Latin America in the 1970s: "Operation Condor" (2007)

Operation Condor Timeline

1973: Fall of Allende, rise of Pinochet in Chile
1974: Chilean intelligence service DINA created; General Carlos Prats murdered in Buenos Aires
1975: Santiago meeting to create "Operation Condor"; Leighton assassination attempt
1976: Letelier & Moffitt murdered in U.S.; Videla Junta takes power; Ruiz, Michelini, & Torres murdered
1978: Peru joins Operation Condor
1980: Final Condor operation with Argentinian agents in Peru
1999: Clinton administration declassifies U.S. documents relating to Chile and Condor
2001: General Prats Trial in Argentina
2004: Chilean court revokes Pinochet's immunity from prosecution for Operation Condor crimes
2006: Death of Pinochet and Stroessner

Operation Condor Major Actions

Nunca Mas: Report from Argentinian National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons (1984)
Memoria y Justicia: The Carlos Prats Case
National Security Archives: The Letelier-Moffitt Assassination 30 Years Later
The Nation: An Exiled Son of Santiago (2005)
Wikipedia: Bernardo Leighton case
IPN: Uruguay-Argentina: Hunting the Condor, 28 Years On (2004)
Impunidad: Zelmar Michelini & Héctor Gutiérrez (2004)
National Security Archives: Ed Koch Threatened with Assassination in 1976

Operation Condor Major Historical Figures & Organizations

Human Rights Watch: Argentina: Operation Condor
The Vanished Gallery
Wikipedia: Military Junta
Wikipedia: Secretaría de Inteligencia (SIDE)
Wikipedia: Intelligence Battalion 601
Wikipedia: Ejercito Revolucionario del Pueblo (ERP)
Wikipedia: Montoneros
CNN: Mothers of Plaza de Mayo & the "Dirty War" (1998)
Guardian Limited: Hugo Banzer profile (2002)
Library of Congress: The Banzer Regime
Wikipedia: Juan Jose Torres
Wikipedia: Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR)
COHA: Pinochet’s and the Chilean Military’s Tarnished Legacy (2004)
Los Angeles Times: Operation Condor and Pinochet (1998)
Remember Chile: Manuel Contreras & the Birth of DINA
Wikipedia: Augusto Pinochet
Wikipedia: Manuel Contreras
Wikipedia: Raul Iturriaga
Wikipedia: Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR)
FAS.org: "Para-State Adversaries" (left-wing terrorist groups)
New York Times: Stroessner, Paraguay’s Enduring Dictator, Dies (2006)
COHA: Death of General Alfredo Stroessner (2006)
BBC: Paraguay's Archive of Terror (2002)
UNESCO: Democracy in the Light of Dictatorship (2000)
COHA: Keeping the Military in Check (2006)
COHA: Uruguay Confronts its Violent Past (2005)
Human Rights Watch: Ex-President Faces Prosecution for Military-Era Abuses (2005)
Wikipedia: Tupamaros
Wikipedia: Hugo Campos Hermida
United States
New Internationalist: Henry Kissinger (2002)
New America Media: C.I.A. Knew About Latin Terror Plan for Paris (2002)
Official Site: State Department Memo about Operation Condor (1976) (200 Kbs.)
Official Site: State Department Memo about South American Security Bloc (1977) (828 Kbs.)
National Security Archive: FBI Memo on Operation Condor (1977)
Z Magazine: The Condor Case (2007)

NameBase: Operation Condor: Ask the DEA
Operation Condor Maps and Media

NPR: Terry Gross Interview of Operation Condor book author (Time: 25:08)
Link TV: Investigating Operation Condor (Time: 5:15)
Google Video: 30 Years: Families Struggle for Justice (Time: 7:15)
Google Video: Truth, Justice & Reconciliation forum (Time: 1:14:52)
IPS: Disturbing Exhibit Combines Technology, Human Rights, Art (2006)

CIA World Fact Book: Map of South America

The Vanished: Map of Argentina Secret Detention Centers, 1976-83

Operation Condor Books and Research

Human Rights in Latin America: Sources on "Plan Condor"
John Dinges: Operation Condor
Transnational institute: Operation Condor links
National Security Archive: Documents about Operation Condor and Chilean dictator Pinochet
Transnational Institute: The Hinchey Report: C.I.A. Activities in Chile
NameBase: Operation Condor Documents
La Tercera: La Operación Cóndor
Operation Condor Blogs and Message Boards
Alex Constantine's Blacklist blog: Operation Condor, 9/11/1973 & 2001
Media Monarchy blog: Kissinger's Extradition Sought over Operation Condor
Atlantic Free Press blog: Returning to the Scene of a Crime - Chile Over 30 Years Later
SqlSpace Breaking Political News: Documents Confirm US Involvement in South American Horror
Sourcewatch wiki: Plan Condor

Operation Condor Criticism

FLACSO Chile: Blowback of a Criminal Alliance: The Condor Investigations (262 Kbs.) (2003)
Crimes of War: Operation Condor: Deciphering the U.S. Role (2001)
World Socialist Web Site: Operation Condor: US holds key evidence against Pinochet (1998)
Harvard Univ.: Missing Letter in Foreign Affairs: Kissinger, Pinochet & Operation Condor (847 Kbs.)
The Nation: The Maxwell Affair (2004)
Green Left Weekly: Villa Grimaldi: A Symbol of Pain Transformed (2003)
Third World Traveler: Operation Condor
Dissident Voice: Coming Soon to the U.S.? Plan Condor, the Sequel (2003)

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  1. See that article in January 2007 Z magazine by Arturo Jiminez on how the deathlists were assembled. Reagan had to use israeli military police computer programs and mossad assistance in order to get the lists together. Now I am down as a violent criminal due to the lies put out about me by a Seattle police officer when he arrested and street tortured me for riding the bus 50 cents short. Then the lying lied again and said that I assaulted him and pulled a knife on him; that got onto a national database and led to a standoff here; that is how activists are demonized in the US drag. Canada doesn’t let the white collar criminals get away with it; at least not under Trudeau. Now another nazi is in power there; guess those tories in Vancouver like messing with children too. YYYUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!

  2. Technically, the US was also killing it’s own by using depleted uranium munitions in Iraq for the last 30 years so yeah, this time we killed off our own too. Remember the persian gulf one veterans who had that syndrome and the deformities in their children? most likely DU and chemical insults to health.

  3. The American Empire “killed its own” with the Sept. 11th attack, which most honest people (outside the USA) understand was an INSIDE JOB staged by the American military and spy agencies and their allies.

    But then again, this is only a small taste of the mass murder America has committed against other nations on a routine basis from Korea to Vietnam to Latin America to Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya.

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