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U.S Terrorism Archive

Ignoble Prize

Also see: Corruption Behind the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize "In 1973, Dr Henry Kissinger was chosen for the honour for plotting 9/11 in Chile. If Osama bin Lade

Erik Prince CIA Asset

Excerpt by Daniel Schulman Mother Jones | December 2, 2009After 9/11, Erik Prince, the ... intensely private founder of Blackwater, applied to work for the

Mass. Local Author Takes on the DEA

"The War on Drugs is unwinnable and the biggest problem is that the CIA protects the most powerful drug dealers in the world. ... "By CHRISTINE WHITEThe Re

Paying Off The Warlords

In Afghanistan, the Government of President Karzai is riddled with corruption. As Mandy Clark reports, many wonder how can Karzai fight corruption when his