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UK Murdered Man’s Family Accuse MI5 of Harassment

Alex Constantine - March 20, 2010

" ... The Doherty family challenged Northern Ireland's first and deputy first ministers to launch an investigation into the alleged role of MI5. ... "

There is no simple explanation for the brutal murder of Kieran Doherty, but from the stories posted below it can be gleaned that MI5 may have been involved in a massive cannabis growing operation. The intention of the ingelligence agents appears to be a set-up - the operation was "uncovered" and blamed on the Real IRA. The grower, a RIRA operative, turned up dead, and soon so did Kiernan. Britain's intelligence apparat isn't responding to questions, but the family adamantly denies the government's allegation that Doherty was  involved in the cannabis operation and is demanding answers. Doherty claimed before his death that MI5 had tried to tie him to the marijuana and recruit him as an informant. He refused the informant role, according to his family, but the RIRA contends that he'd admitted involvemnt in the cannabis farm. It's still to soon to draw conclusions, but MI5 has a great deal of explaining to do and the domestic spy agency has not been forthcoming. - AC

By Clare Weir
Belfast Telgraph | February 27, 2010

Murdered Man’s Family Accuse MI5 of Harassment

Kieran Doherty who was mu 0011 - UKKieran Doherty was murdered by the Real IRA. His family has called for an inquiry into claims MI5 agents had tried to recruit him as an informer. Photograph: Trevor McBride

The family of murdered Londonderry man Kieran Doherty have spoken for the first time to demand an inquiry into whether MI5 was involved in his death — and have strongly denied that the 31-year-old was involved in drugs.

The statement was issued last night through Derry journalist and campaigner Eamonn McCann.

A caller to a newroom in the city claimed that the Real IRA had carried out the attack.

“Kieran was not an informer and was in no way involved in drugs,” read the family statement.

Making startling claims about MI5 harassment, the statement continued: “Kieran was under continuous harassment by MI5 in the months before his death. Repeated attempts were made to recruit him as an informer. He rejected all these attempts. In the last few months of his life he went to the local media on more than one occasion to publicise and complain about MI5’s activities.

“Kieran was constantly followed. He believed that his phone calls and letters were being monitored. He wasn’t given a moment’s peace and was under 24/7 surveillance by MI5. We would like to know — where were the MI5 people who were monitoring his every movement on the night he was abducted and brutally murdered?”

The statement claimed that four weeks ago Mr Doherty had been approached and given a phone on which he was told to phone ‘Justin’, but he threw it back.

“The PSNI and others have been asking anybody who might have relevant information to come forward. Will they ask MI5 to produce ‘Justin’ so they can interview him and find out what they know about Kieran’s death?

“In the last months of his life Kieran was stressed out from the constant attention of the intelligence services. He lost weight, was hospitalised with depression.”

Comparing their son’s fate to that of murdered Sinn Fein informer Dennis Donaldson, the statement added: “People might think this is far-fetched, but it is reality. We ask everyone who has supported the family and expressed their disgust at the manner of Kieran’s death to support the demand for an inquiry.”

The family added that Kieran was a “good and decent man” trying to lead a normal life and looking forward to getting married and getting a job following his release from prison.

They added that contrary to some reports, Kieran was not a nephew of Paddy Ward, the Provisional IRA informer.


Sister says shot brother was not involved in drugs

Irish Times - George Jackson - ‎Mar 2, 2010‎

A SISTER of the Real IRA man who was shot dead in Derry last Wednesday has rejected claims that her brother was involved in a drugs operation. ...  Ms Doherty also repeated the family’s appeal for an inquiry to be carried out into the alleged involvement of MI5 in her brother’s death. She said the intelligence organisation had unsuccessfully attempted to recruit her brother as an informer.
“Even as Kieran was attempting to keep his life on track, they persisted. He was filled with anxiety and put in hospital with depression,” she said.

“We know that it wasn’t MI5 who pulled the trigger to kill Kieran. The Real IRA has direct responsibility for his death,” she added. ...


Murdered man one of us, say Real IRA

 By Eamonn MacDermott
Friday, 26 February 2010

It is known that Kieran Doherty would have been close to dissident republican groups.

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