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French Village Draws 20,000 Cultists Awaiting Alien Rescue (CNN Video)

BBC, 8 July 2011:

French village of Bugarach spooked by doomsday cults

By Chris Bockman

A village in southern France is thought by some to be the one place where it may be possible to survive the end of the world – an event they expect on 21 December 2012. Bugarach, a tiny ancient village on the French side of the Pyrenees is extremely hard to find and you have to make a special effort to get there. …

According to an ancient Mayan calendar, at some point towards the end of 2012, the world will come to an end. It is not clear how that will happen, but apparently humanity does not stand a chance – except for those who seek shelter in the area surrounding Bugarach.

Just 200 people live there all year round, but doomsday believers and spiritual groups are convinced the village has magical powers, thanks to the local mountain – the Pic de Bugarach. …


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