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New Manson Clues? LAPD may Review Tapes of Charles Manson Follower after Legal Battle

Alex Constantine - June 9, 2013

The Los Angeles Police Department got a big break earlier this week and it might solve more murders surrounding the Manson family. One of Charles Manson’s followers, Charles “Tex” Watson, had recorded conversations between himself and his attorney years ago. Apparently the lawyer sold the tapes to an author to write a book (with Watson’s approval) and the police department has been trying to gain access to see if there is any connection to other crimes. According to the Los Angeles Times on Saturday, the detectives could have an opportunity to review the audio tapes in question.

US District Court Judge Richard A. Schell ruled on the case and is allowing the LAPD to review the tapes. The legal maneuvering of this case has been ongoing, but the latest ruling had detectives looking to take possession of the documents in the near future. While Tex Watson has 30 days to appeal, it appears the tapes may be heard by more than just the author of the book as the detectives are eager to hear as well.

The Manson family was convicted in 1969, but the lingering question many people have is if there are more victims of Charles Manson. Every so often rumors surface of the convict alleging there might have been other individuals slayed, yet no proof has ever been provided. With Watson's late attorney’s legal firm filing for bankruptcy and the tapes being sold, the police hope to see if there is anything further they can learn about the timeline of the incidents and if there is any truth to the rumors.


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