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Establishment Media Debunkers of Conspiracy Research – Who are They? (Part One) RM Scaife Concubine Emerson Vermaat

Alex Constantine - July 6, 2007

By Alex Constantine

Dutch investigative journalist Emerson Vermaat's writing is featured at IslamMonitor.com.

Mr. Vermaat is also a regular columnist at David Horowitz's FrontPage.com thinly-veiled state propaganda shell. "Thinly-veiled" because it is fairly common knowledge that Horowitz has received generous funding from the CIA's Richard Mellon Scaife, and other cut-outs of the intelligence sector. Scaife has an obvious vested interest in suppressing knowledge of fascist conspiracies, and Vermaat is one of his concubines at Horowitz's popular culture dummy front. But his writing for the Islamic press doesn't note these connections, and you might get the mistaken impression that Vermaat has a claim to integrity, to judge by his academic tone and style, but he's only one more of Dick Scaife's highly-visible, fork-tongued mouthpieces.

Vermaat is the author of "The 9/11 conspiracy theorists: Why they are dead wrong." His row with "conspiracy theorists" is more original than most.


"A conspiracy theory," writes Vermaat, "can become an obsession, forcing young men to do something, to act against the wrongs of this evil world. ... "

This is why we are in Iraq ...

"In December 2002, I had a television interview with Willem Oltmans, a highly controversial Dutch journalist who portrayed Osama bin Laden as a 'freedom fighter' and suggested that the Mossad and Bush were behind the September 11 attacks. Oltmans told me that President Roosevelt wanted the Japanese to attack the Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor so that America would be drawn into the war with Germany and Japan. And this exactly what Bush did on 9/11, Oltmans claimed. Bush needed 9/11 to launch his 'War on Terror.' Conspiracy theories about Pearl Harbor are not new."

Bear in mind that Vermaat has himself written a book that is fairly described as conspiracy theory (odd, but most of the writers who denounce conspiracy theorists fit that description themselves - it's a litlle like gay Republicans who are hostile toward homosexuals). Is this not as "conspiratorial" as anything posted on the Net? ... Vermaat: "FBI And CIA Knew Early In 2003 That Mohammed Sidique Khan Was A Potential Terrorist." The message here is that Khan is a terrorist - not agents of the FBI. As long as we subscribe to THAT conspiracy theory, then we're rational hominids. Look at it the other way and we are crop circle regressives.

Vermaat is the author of Bin Laden's Terror Networks in Europe - ie., conspiracy theory. You might want to pick it up if you are the paranoid type. Order from: Toronto, Ont.: MacKenzie Institute. (HV 6433 E85 V475 2002)

BTW, for a view of the Pearl Harbor conspiracy that is not theoretical in the least - and doesn't involve what Roosevelt may have known prior to the air assault based on sketchy interpretations of Japanese codes, but documents in detail the seditious collaboration of fascist General Charles Willoughby (Weidenbach) with the Japanese military, see the work of Charles Higham - the best-selling biographer in the world, last time I checked, and a reliable historical source.

Vermaat states: "The assertion that Osama bin Laden is a 'CIA fabrication' is demagogical rubbish."

Well, no need to belabor this ... the rubbish turns up at the Scaife/Horowitz FP site, where fascism rules. Vermaat could learn much more about his field of conspiracy if he took a good hard look at his own sponsor, the CIA's RM Scaife, not in collaboration with bin Laden ... but with state propaandists David Horowitz and Emerson Vermaat.

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