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Nazism and its Occult Connections

September 3, 2009 Seventy years ago this week, World War II began with the invasion of Poland by Germany. No one’s in any doubt that Adolf Hitler was dir

The Shot that Ignited Europe

August 29, 2009 THE 70th anniversary of the start of World War II will be officially marked on Tuesday when German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets the prim

Britain’s Nazi King

 August 18, 2009 Last month's Channel 5 documentary about Edward VIII sought to portray him as an isolated figure. But support for Hitler and the Nazis w

Towards a Great German Oil Empire

A Review of Dietrich Eichholtz's Bookwww.globalresearch.caA Review of Dietrich Eichholtz. Krieg um Ol: Ein Erdolimperium als deutsches Kriegsziel 1938-1943

Grim Fate Awaits Nazi Cathedral

David Crossland, Foreign Correspondent www.thenational.ae Last Updated: March 11. 2009 A wooden statue of a Nazi stormtrooper adorns the Martin Luther Mem