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The CIA Takes Out the Trash

Note: I've been told that Operation Mockingbird is given short shrift in the old documents released this week by Gen. Michael "9/11" Hayden, but the intera

The Enduring Lies of Ronald Reagan

June 19, 2007By Susan J. DouglasThe canonization of Ronald Reagan rests crucially on one thing Reagan himself did well: forgetting the facts. It seems time

Journalists Under Seige in Brazil

" ... One has to admit that Western journalism, mainly U.S. journalism, has had better days. How can they define as impartial some of the stories printed i

Simplifying the OJ Simpson Case

Mario G. Nitrini writes: "What I am Seeing is a DELIBERATE COVER-UP By Chuck Philips and The Los Angeles Times about these People Connections, Bill Wasz, N