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Simplifying the OJ Simpson Case

Alex Constantine - June 13, 2007

Mario G. Nitrini writes: "What I am Seeing is a DELIBERATE COVER-UP By Chuck Philips and The Los Angeles Times about these People Connections, Bill Wasz, Notorious B.I.G, Anthony Pellicano, Elizabeth Luster, Larry Longo, Chuck Philips, and MORE. ... Is their a MAJOR Connection TYING these 5 People Together?????"

My title of my article on the case, an excerpt of which is posted on the net - referred to the CIA AND MAFIA. I explained the details you've been agonizing over - 12 years ago - and much more, even historical information related to the connections.

Phillips is a media propagandist covering for CIA political assassinations. I've written about him, too. The CIA is tight with the Mafia (look up "Operation Underworld" on the Net).

Phillips was forced to retract his story on Tupac - an attempt to frame Smalls - because it was a LIE. (Also look up "Operation Mockingbird.") Get it?

Pellicano? Mafia. (Well-known, reported by the LA Times and others)

Wasz: Mafia. (Russian and Italian, apparently. He's "out of the way.")

Simpson: Mafia stooge. (Mafioso Ippolito escaped prison, sat down for a meet with Simpson three weeks before the murders)

Goldman's restaurant: Mafia cocaine distributor.

Nicole: Mafia (did the cocaine, lived for awhile next to the son of William Colby, Gerard, who testified at Simpson's pre-trail ... and made a racist comment ... ).

Denise: Mafia (dated a hit-man, hired a convicted S&L thief to run her charity).

Cowlings: Mafia Stooge. (Bodyguard to Ippolito, a Lansky successor)

Kardashian: Russian and Italian Mafia

Bateman: Mafia stooge? (Indirectly, at least, via Simpson)

Furhman, LAPD: The prime connection in this case is CIA and the past militarization of the police, anti-terrorism training, etc. This gave birth to The Bluegrass Conspiracy, with its connections to the Simpson case. There is information in the archive about this.

Marti: CIA/Mafia/Nazis (fascist hit-man from Argentina)

Notice any common connections? The answer to your question was right there in the title of my essay.

And your conclusions about the case are as naive as your questions - many of which I've already answered. Sitting every day at trial and taking notes, as Bosco did, is NOT a proper investigation, and won't provide necessary information. That's why he came to me. Working out the critical connections IS an investigation, and I did that - somehow - by not attending a single day of the trial, but by gathering essential information excluded at trial by Judge Ito.

- AC

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