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Football Stats for Mafia Stooge Al Cowlings

Alex Constantine - June 23, 2007

Remember Al Cowlings? Lansky Lt. Joey Ippolito's bodyguard and driver for eight years, and a famous football player before that?

He opted for the Fifth Amendment when queried about the murders of Simpson and Brown. Cowlings had a girlfriend, btw, a stripper living in Santa Monica who was arrested with 40 pounds of cocaine on her DURING the OJ Simpson trial. Donald Re, Cowlings' attorney, whose clients are mainly Mafia figures, denied to the Contra Costa Times that Cowlings even knew her, but the denail proved false. (He knew the stripper many times over in a Biblical sense, according to her neighbors ... ) But the press doesn't see fit to publish this information. The Fifth Estate gives you football stats instead, so if that's what you're looking for ...

Al Cowlings

Allen G. Cowlings (A.C.)
Position: DE/DT
Height: 6' 5'' Weight: 247
Born: 6/16/1947, in San Francisco, CA, USA
High School: Galileo (San Francisco, CA)
College: San Francisco CC, Southern California


In this age of media-approved Reality, that's all you get. Sorry. If you want to know more about what Cowlings is up to these days, you'll have to go live in a country where censorship and state-sponsored disinformation don't rule the media.

- AC

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