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The Resurrection of Theocratic Huckster Ralph Reed

Alex Constantine - November 2, 2010

By Bob Johnson
OpEd News | November 1, 2010

22reed600 - The Resurrection of Theocratic Huckster Ralph ReedRalph Reed, Pat Robertson's former right hand man and director of Pat's Christian Coalition from 1989 to 1997, is back in politics working hard to change America into a Judeo-Christian theocracy. This is the same goal the warmongering neoconservatives fight for.

About four years ago most people counted Reed out when it was revealed that this Christian leader, along with the Christian organizations the Christian Coalition, U.S. Family Network and Focus on the Family, was involved in cheating Indian tribes out of millions of dollars. Reed worked the scam with convicted felon Jack Abramoff.

However, all that changed when God spoke to Reed via Sean Hannity of FOX. Reed described the divine instruction to get back into politics: "I wanted to know that this was not me, that this was not any ambition of mine." (LOL!!!) "I wanted to know that this was the Lord." Reed then says that Hannity responded with, "Ralph, God is speaking through this phone line right now, and he's using me to deliver the message." These pompous self-absorbed charlatans would be strictly laughable if they weren't so dangerous. Reed was telling this account of God ordering him back into politics at the first annual conference of his new Christian right political organization, the Faith & Freedom Coalition this past September 11th. Guest speakers included Karl Rove, Tucker Carlson and Gary Bauer. A look at their website shows they're very busy working to subvert America into a theocracy. On their main page at the time of this writing we read in just one announcement,

"Faith & Freedom Coalition is in the midst of the largest conservative get-out-the-vote program in the history of American politics! We'll be completing more than 60 million voter contacts in these last few weeks, helping to guarantee what we expect will be the largest turnout of evangelical Christian and Roman Catholic voters that has ever been seen in a non-presidential year."

They know that change comes about from the concerted energy and efforts of devoted workers coupled with generous donations from wealthy Christian and neoconservative donors.

One of the key components of the religious right's appeal to millions of Americans is the false belief that America's founders were fundamentalist Christians who intended the United States to be a Christian nation. This is a false claim. However, the millions of sincere but misinformed people who believe it think they are continuing and furthering the goals of the American Revolution by working and fighting to make America a Christian nation. And it is very obvious the religious right is making huge gains. One example is the election of Virginia Governor Bob McDonald. McDonald is a graduate of Pat Robertson's Regent University which proudly displays its goal in its logo which is, "Christian Leadership to Change the World." ...


Ralph Reed buying radio ads targeting Georgia races

by Jim Galloway | Atlanta Journal Constitution | October 27, 2010

Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom coalition is dipping for the first time into Georgia politics. Reed’s comeback organization has launched a $500,000 radio ad campaign targeting 18 House and Senate races.

In Georgia, the Faith and Freedom Coalition will join Republicans in the effort to unseat U.S. Reps. Jim Marshall, D-Macon, and Sanford Bishop, D-Albany. Listen to the anti-Marshall ad here – “It’s us versus them.” And the anti-Bishop ad here: “Bishop doesn’t get it.”


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