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Bush Admin Rejects NYPD Spying Proposals as Illegal

Alex Constantine - November 24, 2008

nypd masthead - Bush Admin Rejects NYPD Spying Proposals as IllegalBy Ryan Singel
November 20, 2008

If you are New York's police commissioner, what does it take to figure out when your city's anti-terrorism squad has gone rogue?

Well, if building files on political protesters with high-tech bicycles didn't clue you in, having the Bush administration reject the units' wiretapping plans as too sweeping ought to. I mean, when the Justice Department that put the warrantless back into wiretapping says your team's proposed spying plans are illegal, it's clearly time to place a call to internal affairs. ...



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  1. This is part of how it is that democracies become dictatorships in the US sphere of influence. The rightwing fascist business elites engineer a recession after seriously militarizing the police. Then the police criminal intelligence units, fascists all, unite behind calling protestors and dissenters “terrorists” hating them for disrupting traffic flows because ya know, who want’s to ride a bus with the unwashed heathen scum that are your employees. And on it goes with the planet, all complex lifeforms and us poor people being the ultimate targets of the elite depopulation program(s). And most people think I make this stuff up? Look at Kelly and how he treats nonviolent women protestors? Like crap as usual. Why he isn’t married? he is? to who? Molly Hatchet?

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