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UK The Nazi Whitewash

Efraim Zuroff guardian.co.uk 28 September 2009 The sight of SS veterans marching down the main avenue of the capital city of a member of Nato and the Euro

Britain’s Nazi King

 August 18, 2009 Last month's Channel 5 documentary about Edward VIII sought to portray him as an isolated figure. But support for Hitler and the Nazis w

UK Nazi BNP Busted in Sheffield

Staying vigilant against the fascists in Stoke by Anindya Bhattacharyya The fascist British National Party (BNP) has called off its planned national rally

UK Of Fascists and Folk Devils

guardian.co.uk Far-right politicians - not to mention ballerinas - receive a disproportionate amount of media coverage in this country Alastair Harper De

Dozy Nazi in Bomb Blunder

Greenock Telegraph5th July, 2007BOMB THREAT: John Montgomery.A NEO-NAZI thug phoned socialist activists threatening to bomb them — but forgot to hide his