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"Gas the Jews and Wogs" – Closeted Gay British Nazi Housing Official Suspended Pending Full Disciplinary Investigation

Alex Constantine - March 13, 2010

" ... He sends vile racist texts saying 'Gas the Jews and the wogs' ... "

gareth mead pic steve hill 182317014 - "Gas the Jews and Wogs" - Closeted Gay British Nazi Housing Official Suspended Pending Full Disciplinary InvestigationBy Gary Anderson
Mirror | 14/03/2010

A £90,000-a-year housing boss leads a sordid secret life – dressing up as a Nazi for sick racist sex games.

By day Gareth Mead works in one of Britain’s most ethnically-diverse communities. Mead, 44, is in charge of social housing and ­homelessness in ­Hammersmith and Fulham, where his duties include helping decide who is ­eligible for a ­council house or ­emergency ­homeless shelter. But at night he poses in front of a swastika in full SS regalia and tells other lovers of the vile fetish: “Gas the Jews and Wogs.”

In a series of shocking ­photos seen by the Sunday ­Mirror, the high-ranking council official shows off his array of fascist outfits. In one shot, Mead reclines on a sofa, wearing jackboots, ­leather trousers, a khaki shirt with ­swastika armband and a Nazi ­officers’ hat. In another photo, shaven-headed Mead stares ­menacingly into the camera, dressed in “bovver boy” boots, bomber jacket and swastika T-shirt.

Mead also sent racist texts to men he met on fetish websites. In one he wrote: “Turn on the furnaces for those ­Jewish boys and let them burn in hell with us 2 Nazis j****** off on their terrified screams.”

In another he said: “Gas the f****** WOGS too! Look forward to seeing your pictures mate. HEIL HITLER! Your nazi buddy.”

As one of the council’s top ­housing officials, Mead heads a team of around 20 staff who manage ­housing policies at Hammersmith and ­Fulham.

The authority, where almost a quarter of residents are from an ethnic minority, is one of David Cameron’s flagship Tory councils. But in recent years the housing policy has been likened to “ethnic cleansing” for discriminating against poor and ethnic minority tenants. Plans drawn up by Cameron’s ­Council ­Innovation Unit could ­involve rent hikes and the ­demolition of 3,500 houses which would not be replaced – forcing thousands to move.

In January the council was ­ordered to pay £750 to a pregnant black woman fleeing domestic ­violence who they had refused to provide support and accommodation to.

Mead met some of his contacts through a website aimed at gay men who are into leather and ­uniforms. His profile – which was active as recently as last week – ­describes him as a “friendly, fit, ­intelligent, clean-living guy who happens to enjoy leather and who has a bit of a twisted side to him”.

He adds: “Have a great b/f who’s not into leather so we have the usual ‘arrangement’ so I’m looking for ­buddies and ­occasional ­leather sex.”

One man who met Mead – who has been with Hammersmith and ­Fulham Council for several years – said: “What he was texting was ­really too much.

“I could not believe that he had such ­extreme views while he is earning a lot of council taxpayers’ money paying lip ­service to multi-cultural political ­correctness. The pictures showed just how far he had gone with the whole thing. He had all the bits to go with the uniform. He even had a gun in one picture laid out on a Nazi flag.”

When we confronted Mead about his Nazi secret, he ­admitted ­exchanging extreme ­messages. But he claimed: “It’s a private fetish – I’m not interested in ­anything political and I’m not a racist. There are Jewish men who do this as well.”

Asked if he believed his bosses would accept his racist fetish, he said: “I would have thought not, but I think there will be sympathy for me. I am well-regarded by white and black colleagues.”

After the Sunday Mirror ­contacted Hammersmith and Fulham Council with our story, Mead was ­suspended pending a full disciplinary ­investigation.


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