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The Vatican Archive

The Catholics and the Nazis

By Tim Redmondsfbg.comThe radical right wing of the Catholic Church really has no business using the image of Nazi Germany to discredit critics. The histor

A Nazi Pope Potpourri

WWII row dogs Pope in Jerusalem Katya Adler, BBC News, Jerusalem Pope Benedict XVI held Mass in Israel's Josaphat Valley, beneath the Mount of Olives A r

Elisabeth Waldheim’s Papal Award

VIENNA, Austria (AP) August 22, 1994 -- Another papal honor has been accorded the Waldheims, despite criticism over the papal knighthood granted to the for


Jesuits deny reports on pope expert collection(ANSA) - Vatican, April 24 - The Jesuit order on Friday officially denied media reports that it had approved

Russia Resurgent

Also see: "The Geopolitical Theorist who Gave us PNAC, 9/11, Office of Special Plans, the Iraq Invasion, etc."by Gary SudboroughSep. 28, 2008IconoclastGS@a

NATO, Propaganda Due and Gladio

" ... The Italian setup metastasized into other countries, building links with dictatorships like that of Argentina’s Jorge Videla and Chile’s Augusto

Note on the Pope and Hitler

The truth about the Pope and Hitler Guardian May 11, 2008 "News that Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster, hopes to attend the launc