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David Icke’s Racist Fantasies

I have felt, since first hearing of Icke, that he was put out there to discredit me specifically. His conspiracist sci-fi confabulations appeared shortly a

Clarence Thomas and Rupert Murdoch

The NationOct 2, 11:05The Nation -- The long-awaited publication of Clarence Thomas's memoir, "My Grandfather's Son," out Monday, makes you wonder: how com

Jonah Goldberg Infects America

From: Just Another Blog (in LA) http://mbouffant.blogspot.com/ Wednesday, October 03, 2007 Wandering through the wilds of the Amazon, we again encountere

Rupert Murdoch The Joke is on US

" ... Liar, warmonger, cancerous tumor. ... Perhaps Murdoch's embrace of his depiction as a cartoon figure of evil and low scruples akin to Charles Foster