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Arkansas Jackson County GOP Chair Connected To White Supremacist Organization

Alex Constantine - January 31, 2011

By ARDem
Blue Arkansas | January 31st, 2011

JohnCasteel SIG aDSC000191 - ArkansasJohn Casteel, Chairman of the Jackson Co., Arkansas Republican Party

A special thanks goes out to Blue Arkansas writer La Voix for helping investigate this one.  In fact, she’s the one who first started digging around when she got wind of this story, immediately after finding a racist ad on Craig’s List from the Council of Conservative Citizens:

White people have been notified that by the year 2050, European-Americans will be a minority in this country. For some reason, white people are supposed to be content with this prediction. The question is, why is minority status good for white people? For decades, other minorities have “empowered” themselves at white people’s expense.

Other minorities have complained of discrimination from white people, and white people responded with integration, affirmative action, and other social programs designed to foster “equality.” Have these programs worked? Are minorities satisfied with “equality”?

Think about it.

Minorities created organizations to promote their respective interests. The NAACP is not in the business of equality. The NAACP exists to advance blacks and empower them. La Raza exists to advance and empower latinos… even the ones here illegally. The ADL promotes the interest of Jews, even though Jews have prospered in this country as no where else. Shouldn’t people of European background have an organization to protect OUR interests, and, yes, to secure privileges for OUR people?

The time is not far off when European-Americans will need to take collective, organized action on our own behalf… or we will all be minorities of ONE.

The Council of Conservative Citizens has been protecting and advancing the interests of European-Americans for over 20 years. Don’t be a minority of one, visit us at our website. www.cofcc.org

(In case that ad gets deleted, we of course have the screen shot saved, see below.)

Well, while we couldn’t determine who had posted the ad, we did get to digging around a bit to see just who was working to support the Council here in Arkansas and turned up something interesting.  Now, let’s not forget, this is the old White Citizen’s Council renamed to seem lest threatening, the group that Haley Barbour got in trouble for speaking well of.  Thing is, their agenda hasn’t changed that much.  Their website currently bemoans the fact that the South wasn’t allowed to secede and keep its slaves, their statement of principles  includes standing against “race mixing”, and hell, they even feel the need to claim that George Washington Carver was a fraud in their section called “Black Invention Myths” where they basically try to dismiss the notion that any black person has ever contributed anything to our society, let alone technological advancement.  In other words, it is beyond a doubt a white supremacist, racist, group.  (That incidentally seems to like Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, and Ron Paul judging from the links to the side but that’s beside the point …yet telling.)  Anyway, while we couldn’t determine who exactly posted the above mentioned article on the Little Rock Craig’s List, we were able to find out this little bit of information.

The email to contact the Council of Conservatives Citizens in Arkansas is that of Jackson County Republican Chairman John Casteel, the same email address listed on the Arkansas GOP website for the Jackson County Republicans. 


casteelCofCC 1024x576 - Arkansas

casteelGOP 1024x576 - Arkansas

(You can click on the above screenshots to make them larger.)

So yeah, sad to say, good old fashion racism is still alive in the USofA, and this is just one more bit of proof that it has a home in the Republican Party of Arkansas.

Original post on Craig’s List:

craigslist 1024x576 - Arkansas


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