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Video Otto Skorzeny’s Funeral

Alex Constantine - December 2, 2010

OttoSkorzeny - VideoOld Guard Nazis attending Otto "Scarface" Skorzeny's wake (some skeptical observers said that his death was faked by the CIA) sang a fascist Spanish Civil War anthem, Cara al Sol ("Facing the Sun"). The Franco regime survived the calamitous close of WWII, and some Nazi ratlines thus led to Spain, where Skorzeny resettled into the local military-industrial complex ...

From "Otto Skorzeny: The Scar-Faced Commando": "Shortly after his escape from Darmstadt, Skorzeny established a base of operations in Madrid, Spain, under the fascist regime of Francisco Franco. Here Skorzeny started a successful engineering firm, but also engaged in less scrupulous ventures, such as the international arms trade. He also continued to oversee the activities of ODESSA and other Nazi organizations. ... "


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