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The Nazi Ratline to Spain

" ... When the Nazis ran, many of them ran to Spain. They called it Das Trampolin because from here they were sprung across to South American friendlies. Y

Video Otto Skorzeny’s Funeral

Old Guard Nazis attending Otto "Scarface" Skorzeny's wake (some skeptical observers said that his death was faked by the CIA) sang a fascist Spanish Ci

Costa Blanca’s Hidden Nazis

Spain's Costa Blanca provided a safe haven for many Nazis, allowing them to enjoy a retirement without regret or atonement Martyn Richard Jones The Guardia

The Nazis of Costa del Sol

The Fourth Reich Olive Press http://www.theolivepress.es/2009/04/20/the-fourth-reich/ APRIL 20, 2009 Otto Remer With Hitler’s 120th birthday this week,

Meeting Spain’s Last Anarchist

"... I told Himmler (the head of the Nazi SS) when he visited the Mauthausen quarry on 27 April, 1941, what a great couple the (Nazis) made with the Church

Nazis Hiding in Spain

Spain’s murky past: the Nazis who sought refuge in the sunhttp://www.expatica.com/actual/article.asp?subchannel_id=81&story_id=41245A Norwegian Nazi who