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The CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood

Alex Constantine - June 12, 2010

By Alex Constantine

Muslim Brotherhood jpg - The CIA and the Muslim BrotherhoodThe press is devoting a modicum of attention to author Ian Johnson, as NPR reported on June 5, for discovering CIA/Nazi ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (after many others have in the past ((cf. John Loftus, “Al Qaeda Terrorists' Nazi Connection”))  only to be overlooked by a mass media that finds Sarah Palin's latest manipulative brayings newsworthy):

 "The CIA's determination to roll back communism during the Cold War inadvertently allowed radical Islamists to gain a foothold in Europe, according to a new book by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ian Johnson. A Mosque in Munich: Nazis, the CIA and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West details the Nazis' attempts to create a fifth column within the Soviet empire by becoming allies with Muslim minorities living in the Soviet Union. ... After the war, the CIA and West German intelligence operatives, many of them former Nazis, took over the project. Johnson says the CIA was looking for Muslims who could go into the Third World and speak credibly to counter Soviet propaganda. The Islamic Center of Munich had become the center for the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany and to some extent in Europe. ... "

I reported on some of this myself six years ago, and that research found its way into a book:

Excerpt: "American Sponsorship of Global Terrorism,"  in Psychic Dictatorship in the USA II (2008 e-book - available from his site):

... The early 1970s also brought Saudis recruited by the CIA to train at American military bases, including Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

After September 11, 2001, Bandar drew the attention of the press when it was discovered that two of the terrorists involved were found to have received financing from the Prince's wife. Bandar trained at Ellington AFB near Houston.

In the early 1970s, the prince fell in with James A. Baker's social circle, struck up an alliance with Joanne Herring, who was instrumental in luring Texas Democrat Charlie Wilson to support Gul Hekmatyar of the Muslim Brotherhood chapter in Afghanstan by the late '70s.

The Big Oil-CIA-Saudi alliance was consummated with the establishment of the Safari Club of elite cut-throats, founded with covert Agency support on Sept. 1, 1976. George Herbert Walker Bush was then director of the Agency,. Nelson Rockefeller was vice president under Ford.

The Safari Club was a CIA cut-out: This clutch of intelligence agents, politicians and businessmen from three countries (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iran) was founded with the express purpose of engaging in covert operations in Africa and the Middle East without leaving a CIA footprint.

Chicago Tribune book reviewer Padam Ahlawa neatly summarized the tensions that gave rise to the Safari Club: “The origins of world terrorism go back to the cold war era. Moscow’s monumental blunder in invading Afghanistan in 1979 set off a sequence of intrigue-laden events in Afghanistan.... High-profile military operations were out. Carter wanted a covert CIA operation like the one it had carried out in Laos, with no US personnel directly involved. The Agency, it was decided, would co-opt specialized American military personnel with the support of the Pakistan military to train an army of Muslim zealots.”

Anwar Sadat entered into an agreement to assist in the training and equipping of recruits for the coming Anti-Communist jihad. “Russian weapons were flown to Afghanistan. Encouraging fundamentalism to grow in Egypt had its fallout when these Mujahadins turned hostile to Sadat for signing the peace treaty with Israel. It led to Sadat’s assassination and terrorist acts of killing 58 tourists. Zia ul Haq of Pakistan made the best of this opportunity, created the ISI to train Pakistanis and Afghans. By doing this, Pakistan’s economic and social instability increased and terrorist acts in Sindh grew.”

The Safari Club’s cover was blown when the Ayatollah Khomeini allowed an Egyptian reporter to peek into the archives of the exiled Shah of Iran – a Club member. The CIA/Safari Club left footprints in the destabilization campaign at Mengistu in Ethiopia, the unrest in Costa Rica, and there were treadmarks all over Iran-Contra, not to mention the funding of UNITA in Angola and the Afghan “freedom fighters,’ including bin-Laden.

The CIA funded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1977, and trained Mujahadin to support Hekmatyar of the Brotherhood in Afghanistan. The Koran-happy Muslim Brothers have served the CIA operationally for some 40 years, an arrangement rubber-stamped by Allen Dulles, Frank Wisner and Kermit Roosevelt.

Airline hijacker Mohammed Atta was ID’d as a Muslim Brother in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times shortly after the jet attacks on the World Trade Center. So were Khalid Shaik Mohammed and Ramzi Yousef, reportedly guided to a sacrificial pyre in the sky by Aman Zawahiri, Al Qeada’s second-in-command – also a co-conspirator, while operating under the aegis of the CIA, in the murder of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, and the 1993 WTC bomb plot. ...

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  1. John Loftus seems to have conceptual or operational myopia. He can see the marrionette strings extending from certain operations to various Islamic armed cells around the world, and yet he cannot see those armed cells as longstanding agents executing the desires of Western intelligence. Loftus can drone on and on about the Muslim Brotherhood as the evil genius of all “Islamofascism” or the branch of the 4th Reich which tried to insert itself into the Ikwalein, however, he has a huge blind spot for the Safari Club and its very clear connections to Western Intelligence agencies. Loftus has lost a lot of credibility in his short-sighted and shrill alarm since he was recruited to carry out the NeoCon party line by Fox and the like.

  2. More Zionist gatekeeping and smoke screens. Only stupid Americans don’t understand that the house of Saud is a US puppet state. What gatekeepers fear the most: mainstream exposure of Zionist collaboration with the Third Reich and the questioning of Biblical myths used as the historical and ideological basis for the founding of the Jewish State. These two concepts are strictly verboten in most mainstream and alternative media discourse.

  3. @Doug Diggler: John Loftus may have been compromised……….but much of his info is still good

    @ce399: ‘Zionist gatekeeping’? Have you been listening to DBS or Chris Bollyn or somebody like that?

    In fact, the majority of the ‘gatekeepers’ I’ve been seeing are the ‘ZOG'{Zionist occupied government}, and ‘Israel masterminded 9/11’ liars.

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