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Sponsor a Toilet at Tea Party Protests! (Only $185)

Alex Constantine - May 4, 2010

Posted by Adele Stan | AlterNet | April 13, 2010

1aaaaportapotty - Sponsor a Toilet at Tea Party Protests! (Only $185)The revolution will be monetized — right down to the toilets.

One thing you can say about FreedomWorks, the astroturf lobbying group that organizes Tea Party protests, they sure do know how to inspire those grass-roots donors. In its fundraising drive for the Tax Day protest event it is sponsoring on Thursday at the Washington Monument, FreedomWorks tells you what your money will buy. For instance, on its fundraising Web page, the organization offers a handy chart of logistical needs, and how much a specific donation will buy them.

A single port-o-potty goes for $185, they need a total of 75, and are currently 14 short of that goal. (No word on whether you get a placard on the john for your sponsorship.) For $75, you can sponsor the travel expenses of a fellow Tea Partier!

The Web page also offers this syntactically ambiguous statement:

We expect over ONE MILLION protesters across the country, and I hope you’ll be among them. But if you cannot, please help us cover some of these costs so that we can have a successful event and prevent the Left from overshadowing and dismissing us!

I’m hoping they’re not expecting a million protesters in Washington, D.C., FROM across the country. In that case, 75 port-o-johns would only be adequate if most of the protesters wore Depends.

Now, about that “overshadowing and dismissing” part…


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