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Rwanda – Timeline of a Mass Slaughter

Alex Constantine - March 2, 2013

000po0images - Rwanda - Timeline of a Mass SlaughterIn 1994, Rwanda exploded in a huge paroxysm of mass violence. What is always alleged as the reasons why are most always fabricated with the true causality mostly hidden from view. In situations like this, intertribal conflict is the usual cover story, and in this case, as usual, it is one huge integrated lie. What's the truth? Much more complicated and much more depraved, and so typical for the misleaders in the US.

First an IMF-World Bank structural adjustment program was laid down in order to pay off the nations debt as soon as possible regardless of the consequences for the nations peoples. This meant that most people in Rwanda went without adequate food and water for at least a year and a half before the slaughters. Then a peace deal was worked out between whomever and whomever was fighting over things that time. I think it went like this. Northeast Congo is a resource rich area, so it's like gold in the rough to the global banking/extortion establishments in the first world. Businesses and banks like Goldman Sachs, the huge regional-global banks and associated interests like the US Chamber of Commerce and Business Executives for National Security.

Then there's this secondary population reduction agenda afoot being laid down by fascist elements in our government. People like Killary, Henry Kissinger, the Bushies, and others would like to reduce national populations by 1/3rd across the board using any means available including internal civil wars. Why conflicts that look like either religious or intertribal wars with ethnic and cultural components. Now I know a lot better though because these alleged causes hide the real capitalistic motivations and intentions hidden from view most every time throughout the "free world", as in entire nations of peoples and resources free for the taking by the most corrupt, self-interested, and fundamentally immoral people in the state. That's why we are seeing so many practical military corporate plantation dictatorships springing up all over the world today regardless of political ideology. The worst people in the state steal everything from everyone else that isn't tied down for every lying reason that can be fabricated.

 So here we have this resource plum in Northeast Congo all the pigs want to steal for themselves. In order to do that, first the government of Rwanda must change from a democratic socialist government to a predatory fascist government. So the president must change. JH was replaced by Paul Kagame, the hero of the day, another savior of freedom as in, a new huge pool of free slave labor and resources to be stolen by the worst men in the state or region for their benefit and the people's loss. That's how it has always gone historically, hasn't it? So, how do the fascists in Uganda go over to northeast congo and steal all those resources? By destabilizing Rwanda, replacing it's popular leadership and stealing everything in sight.

So we got most all the people in Rwanda dying slowly or even quickly under the policies collapsing the economy by either internal factors (you should know the litany now) or external factors (like economic hitmen), or a combination of both. So here they are, 99% of the Rwandan people dying slowly from the maliciously crafted budget cut scheme that is designed to murder off a whole lot of people slowly but surely. Then after things were cooking along really well in the toxic socioeconomic brew, let's arm both sides with machetes from an agricultural grant covertly secured by no other than the new nazis at Bush-Reagan's CIA. Remember the whole process leading up to the '94 slaughters where laid in in 1990 under Daddy George Bush. So the peace-loving popular president is blown out of the sky, the ethnic tensions have reached some sociological flashpoint, and off the two major groups go, murdering each other off in a huge cathartic violent conflict that is estimated to have killed off not one but two million over a period of two years. This was initially covered up by UN official Louise Arbour.

The government has fallen to the fascists, who take credit for "restoring order" after creating the criminal coup/civil war/mass slaughter for all the wrong reasons in the first place. And guess what? they're one state closer to the ripe resource plum ready for the picking in northeast congo. And whaddaya know? That region was recently invaded by forces from Rwanda about a year ago, who raped and murdered off a ton of people in the process of the regional land and resource theft, why almost 1/3rd of the total population jest like Killer Henry K. wanted. And whaddaya know? There's roughly 50% predatory self-centered fascists and 50% humane people left with the humane ones silenced living in fear or on the run branded by the criminal nazis as criminals. wwwhhhhoooooaaa; now that's a big lie to be really proud of. . . in Hell forever.

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