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The Ford Foundation and the CIA

Ford Foundation and its alleged CIA connections World's largest NGO funding agency the Ford Foundation has now come under the scanner of the government o

Secrecy and Power at ExxonMobil

Not the CIA, not bin Ladin -- Exxon is the toughest nut By Steve LeVine Foreign Policy, April 27, 2012 Since its birth as Standard Oil in the 19th cent

What an Economic Hit Man Does

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man –Redemption in Confession by Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge Sri Lanka Guardian | July 25, 2010 To steal millions, you need a

Death Squad Terror in Honduras

by Stephen Lendman Atlantic Free Press | 02 July 2010 On June 28, 2009, while he slept, dozens of Honduran soldiers stormed President Manuel Zelaya's resid