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Pentagon Aide John Wheeler III ‘was Killed by Hitman,’ Claims Distraught Widow

February 18, 2011 0

By Daniel Bates

Daily Mail (Excerpt) | February 18, 2011

Prominent Washington aide John Wheeler was assassinated by a hitman in a targeted killing, his widow has claimed.

Katherine Klyce said the way her late husband’s body was dumped at a landfill site could only have been carried out by a professional. The 66-year-old suggested his work with the Pentagon over his decades-long career could have made him enemies who wanted rid of him.

Allegations: Katherine Klyce claims her late husband, prominent Washington aide John Wheeler, was assassinated by a hitman in a targeted killing

She also attacked the police investigation into his death and claimed it hard ‘made her life miserable’.

Officers have confiscated personal items including credit cards and strange charges have been appearing on them in recent weeks including two flights worth $3,000, she said. ...

Klyce told ‘I think perhaps no one has been on the reward because they've already been paid. ‘The way they disposed of his body, it's a miracle anybody ever found it. That just sounds like a pro to me.’

Turning to the police she said they had been ‘so bad’ and ‘made my life miserable’. After Mr Wheeler’s death, the whole family went to Newark police station for interrogation. ‘They treated us like criminals, all of us. They were rude,’ she said. ‘They just don't have a clue. I think they wish it would all just go away.’

The two flights on her credit card were from New York to Madrid totalling $3,000. It is not clear if these were made by any police officers or by a third party.

Thomas McInerney, a retired Air Force officer, agreed that Mr Wheeler could have made some powerful enemies during his career. ‘A man with that experience, it could have been foul play to get some of the secrets he had,’ he said. ...



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