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New Mind Control Cult – Santo Daime, or Eclectic Church of the Flowing Light – "Christianity's Strangest Offspring"

Alex Constantine - June 12, 2007

img - New Mind Control Cult - Santo Daime, or Eclectic Church of the Flowing Light - "Christianity's Strangest Offspring"Pravda
July 27, 2005

Tomorrow night, July 6: GreenCine proudly presents the Documentary Grand Prize winner of the DivX, Inc., Presents the GreenCine Online Film Festival. Colum Stapleton's Empire of Juramidam is a haunting exploration of Christianity's strangest offspring, The Santo Daime Church (a.k.a. the Church of the Eclectic Universal Flowing Light), whose ceremonies are based around the consumption of a bitter hallucinogenic 'tea' called Ayahuasca. The apocalyptic doctrine and churches originated in their present day headquarters in the heart of the Amazon. They are now spreading discreetly and illegally into many parts of the world. Their story has never been uncovered before.
images 1 - New Mind Control Cult - Santo Daime, or Eclectic Church of the Flowing Light - "Christianity's Strangest Offspring"The cult speaks openly about giving their children mind-bending hallucinogenic drugs - parents get their children back like zombies, they can't function or talk - now trying to get into the US ...

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The cult known as Santo Daime or the Eclectic Church of the Flowing Light have been damned by people in the UK, all over Europe and now they have arrived in the US. This is a growing religious sect which feeds its followers, including children, on Ayahuasca which has long been used for Shamanism among tribal peoples of the Amazon Rainforest during rituals. This cult has 30 churches in Europe and is now trying to break into the USA.

daime - New Mind Control Cult - Santo Daime, or Eclectic Church of the Flowing Light - "Christianity's Strangest Offspring"Many families are crying out for help over their concerns about how this cult has intefered with their lives and some of it's followers return like zombies. The Sect's spiritual centre is in a remote part of the Amazon rainforest and it's followers are encouraged to go there as part of their cleansing. The members of the group openly talk about giving the mind-bending drug to their children which is outrageous.

capastodaime - New Mind Control Cult - Santo Daime, or Eclectic Church of the Flowing Light - "Christianity's Strangest Offspring"Anahuasca is a brew made from boiling the Banisteriopsis caapi vine with the leaves of the Chacruna Plant, which can only be found in the Amazonian rainforest. It is believed that it is the most powerful hallucinogenic drug in the world, far stronger than man-made LSD. People who have taken it describe experiencing strong hallucinations that are both horriffic but for some, enlightening.

The followers of Santo Daime also use cannabis smoking as part of their sacrament and families who have members in this cult fell completely helpless with their children arriving back from the rainforest in a zombie state, unable to talk and psychotic. They claim to hear voices and during their trip the members who can stand, some fall down due to the strength of the drug, hop from foot-to-foot chanting.

santo daime - New Mind Control Cult - Santo Daime, or Eclectic Church of the Flowing Light - "Christianity's Strangest Offspring"This cult is shrouded in secrecy and was first started by Raimundo Irineu Serra, who used the drug to create Santo Daime in the 1910's. It's base is deep in the Amazonian Rainforests and the ceremony of light is based on regular consumption of Ayahuasca. At the ceremonies men and women are seperated, virgins and non-virgins are seperated and the ritual goes on for approximately an 8 hour period. The Eclectic Church of the Flowing Light may be responsible for various forms of mentally ill people in the near future.


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  1. What a childish and superficial article.
    Turning like zombie, that is such a lie! People who take Santo Daime do get confused sometimes to look like they are sleepy, but that really is a process of purification which leads after to incredibly beautiful clarity for many weeks to come.

    The entire religion and the use of ayahuasca has been tested legally by Brazilian government officials and doctors on a similar church, the UDV, and deemed absolutely safe to consume within controlled ritual in a safe environment.

    This is not a cult as no member has to surrender their moneys or free choice to anyone, and the spiritual experience is totally intimate and not mediated by any ‘charismatic’ leader.

    There is a commander, but it is not a priest preaching anyone. It is actually the most democratic religion in the world as there is no power hierarchy if not just for the immense love and sacrifice the elders (Padrihnos) are able to offer to the new comers.

  2. The native american church uses peyote but I don’t recommend giving any sacrament to children since I don’t know if it is toxic and it is a purgative too. Ibogaine a drug derived from the Iboga tree gives a person a 48 hour trip and people who try it find that leaving drug addiction behind is much easier because it is like a 48 hour journey through one’s life.
    This guided journey was used by concentration camp survivors after WWII to resolve issues around their experience supported by trained psychiatrists; no such luck now for ghettoized americans; they just get killer drugs from nazis. The topic was covered in books by Ka Tzetnik 135633, who felt like his whole identity and humanity was destroyed by the camp experience. Now the camps are called sweatshops and are guarded by murderers 24/7. That is why so many women died in Cuidad Juarez, raped and murdered by business owners and police.

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