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Propaganda Archive

So Let’s Call Them the Whiteskins

" ... What is to debate here? When "skin" is used in a nickname, it can't be anything but a slur. Would Whiteskins, Blackskins or Yellowskins be acceptable

Walk out on Charles Murray

" ... Charles Murray is perhaps best known for the 1994 book he co-authored, The Bell Curve. A columnist at the New York Times called it 'a scabrous piec

Black Hawk Down The Real Story

A U.S. Marine helicopter (a Huey, not a Black Hawk) over Mogadishu in 1992. Photo credit: Wiki Commons. Last week marked the twentieth anniversary of the

The Selling of The Pentagon 2013

By Joe Trento, Becky Gaskill and Carrie Waltemeyer “This will sound as if I am speaking large, but Mussolini said that the definition of fascism was when