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Man Convicted in 1988 ‘Ecclesia’ Cult Child Murder Case Shot to Death in Texas

Alex Constantine - December 25, 2010

By Jennifer Meacham and News Sources
KATU.com | December 21, 2010

122110 brian brinson - Man Convicted in 1988 ‘Ecclesia’ Cult Child Murder Case Shot to Death in TexasA former Clackamas County cult member and sex offender was found shot to death Sunday in Lubbock, Texas.

Two teenage boys, one a juvenile, were arrested on murder charges in the shooting death of 52-year-old Brian James Brinson of Wilson, Texas. Brinson was found dead in his Mercedes, shot at least once in the torso.

A former member of the Ecclesia Athletic Association based in a Sandy farmhouse, Brinson was convicted along with three others in Oregon in 1989 in the beating death of 8-year-old Dayna Lorae Broussard, daughter of the cult's founder.

Police found 53 other children in the farmhouse had been systematically beaten, starved and forced to watch the girl being flogged to death with hoses.

The brutal case made national news in the New York Times, as well as Time Magazine.

After spending 12 years in prison on the manslaughter conviction, Brinson was convicted in 2002 of sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy in a department store dressing room.

Lubbock police say 18-year-old Devante Lamar Jones and a 16-year-old boy were taken into custody Monday.


KOIN.COM | by Kyle Mallory | 12/20:

Former Oregon cult member found shot to death in Texas

(Excerpt) ... Brian Brinson, 52, was found slumped at the wheel of a 1995 Mercedes on 24th Place near Ave. L. when a deputy called EMS. Brinson, who suffered at least one gunshot wound to the torso, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Brinson and two others were convicted in Oregon in 1989 in the beating death of 8-year-old Dayna Broussard, who was rushed to a Clackamas fire station but wasn't able to be revived by paramedics. All three were sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Broussard was the daughter of Eldridge Broussard, the founder of Ecclesia Athletic Association, a group that started in Los Angeles and moved to Sandy, Ore. in the late 1980s. Brinson was a member of the group.

The group was started to direct young people away from drugs and apathy through "toughness training," a combination of physical fitness and discipline, the L.A. Times reported in 1987.

The L.A. Times published several reports in the late-1980s detailing abuse members would dish out to children at a farm house in Sandy, where the group headquarters were located. Time Magazine also reported on the abuse, noting 53 children who were found at the farm malnourished, most of whom with bruises and welts. 

Detectives are investigating Brinson's death as a homicide, but the Medical Examiner's office will later release a cause and manner of death.


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