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Koch Brothers’ GOP Hand Puppet Mike Rogers a ‘Respected’ Contender for FBI

Alex Constantine - May 15, 2013

Photo: Obama is considering House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., for the job. Chris Usher/AP

By Stacy Kaper, National Journal

The Obama administration is considering House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., for the top job at the FBI, according to the chair of Intelligence on the other side of the Capitol, Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

Choosing Rogers could be seen as a gesture of goodwill by the White House to Republicans on security issues. It might also work to take some of the heat out of GOP criticism of law enforcement and intelligence work as congressional inquiries advance into potential agency failures ahead of the Boston bombings.

“Yes, I am hearing about it,” she said in answer to a reporter’s question. Feinstein hinted she thinks her Republican counterpart could be a good fit for the post.

“I think very highly of Mike Rogers,” she said. “I’ve gotten to know him. We just completed a CODEL with the ranking member, (Dutch) Ruppersberger, Sen. (Saxby) Chambliss, and myself to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and we traveled to Afghanistan. So I had a chance to get to know him. I think he’s been a very good chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He has a background in the FBI. I think he’s very well respected.”

Longtime FBI Director Robert Mueller’s term ends later this year.


Mike Rogers and the Koch Brothers

PAC Man: Mike Rogers & Koch Industries

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, February 25, 2007

Mike Rogers loves Political Action Committees. During the 2006 election cycle, PACs tossed a cool $826,376 into Mike Rogers' campaign coffers. That's pretty good scratch, especially considering that his opponent, Jim Marcinkowski, was only able to reel in $552,157 for his entire campaign (including individual donations).

So, who are the Political Action Committees that are bankrolling Mike Rogers? Well, since there are too many to count, consider this Part 1 of an ongoing series.

Today we'll start by looking at Koch Industries, which donated $10,000 to Mike Rogers during the 2006 campaign. ...




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