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Political Conspiracies are Non-Existent, Says Veteran FBI Agent

Alex Constantine - July 10, 2007

Down%2Binto%2Bthe%2BBlack%2Band%2BSilver%2BCrosses%2Bspin - Political Conspiracies are Non-Existent, Says Veteran FBI AgentWELCOME TO THE NO-SPIN TOMB: Edited for clarity, pithiness, thought control and spin. - AC

POLITICAL CONSPIRACIES DO NOT EXIST IN THE REAL WORLD, ACCORDING TO FBI VETERAN STAN HALL - "[Al Qaeda] Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen. And as our world continues to get crazier by the minute, so do the [Al Qaeda] conspiracies. [Al Qaeda] Conspiracies are not hard to come up with. Lord knows, most [Al Qaeda] conspiracy theorists have NEVER been bothered by the fact that there was LITTLE OR NO EVIDENCE to support their claims ... Vincent Bugliosi, you know him as the [corrupt] prosecutor in the 'Helter Skelter' trial [he suppressed evidence of federal manipulation of Aryan Nations' Charles Manson and his programmed death squad], has published a book called Reclaiming History. In his book, he systematically breaks down every [JFK] conspiracy and basically proves them to be RUBBISH [unlike the Warren Commission report ...]. ... Maybe this will, however, convince them [loonies] to move on to more important things. Like, don’t you think that is odd that we have never seen Hillary Clinton and Truman Capote in the same place? Just a coincidence ... maybe, maybe not. I don’t know, I’m just saying. [Heh] conspiracy - Political Conspiracies are Non-Existent, Says Veteran FBI AgentHappy Reading, but be careful on the way to the bookstore, you never know who is watching." - [Heh, be careful about library loans, too - the FBI is watching, thanks to Alberto Gonzoles!] -Stan Hall, "Maybe This Black Helicopter Has Finally Landed

Stan Hall

... Stan Hall is a 26 year veteran of law enforcement.... He ... is a graduate of the 188th Session of the F.B.I. National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. ...

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