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Former Pakistan Spy Chief U.S. Creates, Trains Terrorist Groups

Alex Constantine - March 23, 2010

By Andrew Moran
Digital Journal | Mar 4, 2010
Hamid Gol, former head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency, says the United States creates, trains and funds terror groups throughout the central Asian region.

Islamabad, Pakistan - The ex-intelligence head Hamid Gol sat down with the Fars News Agency on Wednesday and provided his insight into the current geo-political strife within the region and said the United States creates, trains and funds terrorist groups throughout the region. Gol further added that Washington is increasing and intensifying its efforts to destabilize the region by supporting other terrorist groups such as the Jundallah, which is a Pakistan-based terrorist group that has committed several cases of drug-trafficking, murders and kidnappings throughout the country. Leader of Jundallah, Abdolmalek Rigi, was recently arrested by Iranian authorities and told them he was on his way to meet a U.S. high-ranking military official to discuss new terrorist attacks in Iran.

"After Obama was elected, the Americans contacted us and they met me in Pakistan. They met us after (Iranian forces') clashes with my group around March 17 in (the southeastern city of) Saharan and he (the US agent) said that Americans had requested a meeting. They (Americans) said they would cooperate with us and would give me military equipment, arms and machine guns. They also promised to give us a base along the border with Afghanistan next to Iran."

" The former ISI chief also believes the U.S. and other Western nations are purposely straining the relations between Iran and Pakistan, reports Press TV, “The US intelligence agencies pursued just one goal by forming Rigi's group which was provoking unrests and instability in Iran.”

Also, Gol believes, the U.S. and its allies are attempting to weaken Iran’s independence and sovereignty through many undermining plots. Gol warns that the Pakistani government should avoid plots hatched by the U.S. to gain control of the region.


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