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Pervez Musharraf, Nazi

Alex Constantine - December 19, 2007

Omaid Weekly, issue #424, 5 June 2000:
The General and the Chancellor

By Parsa

General Pervez Musharraf, the military dictator of Pakistan, in his May 25 statement revealed his policy toward the Islamic State of Afghanistan. In a news conference, he publicly reaffirmed his regime's interference in Afghanistan, against its sovereignty and its people; he boldly stated to the world that Pakistan's pro-Taliban policy is "in accordance with Pakistan national interest." Musharraf advocated that "Pakhtoons" should side with Pakistan. "We have national security interests, both demographic and geographic, in Afghanistan," said Musharraf. "[Pakhtoons]," stated Musharraf, "are represented by the Taliban."

The statement of General Musharraf reminds the world of the fascist Adolf Hitler, who became chancellor of Germany in 1933 and turned the nation's fragile democracy into a one-party system, ruled by the National Socialist Party -- the Nazis. The national interest of Adolf Hitler included extreme nationalism, militarism, racism and antisemitism. Hitler, in pursuit of this policy, strengthened his military, killed millions of people in war, slaughtered millions of European civilians and Jews in detention camps, and attempted to "purify" the German race by killing all others.

General Musharraf, a new Nazi from Pakistan, deprived the people from their democratic rights, imprisoned all people with democratic beliefs, strengthened the Taliban by including more religious students from Pashtun nomads, Pakistani religious students, and the Pakistani military. These forces are being sent to Afghanistan continuously to achieve the national interest of Pakistan's military government through killing Tajks, Hazaras, Uzbeks and Turkmens -- the non-Pakhtoons; to destroy non-Pakhtoons by burning their villages and farmlands; to separate non-Pakhtoon women from their families and sending them in trucks to sell to Taliban and Pakistani militiamen and Arabs.

Adolf Hitler invaded the neighboring countries by military force, while General Musharraf invaded Afghanistan with trained religious students and trained extremists religious terrorists; he also used the same brand of force in Kashmir. Now, he attempts to interfere in the Central Asian Republics. General Musharraf and his predecessors, in their Afghanistan holocaust, adequately measure up to the Hitler archetype -- killing many thousands, using scorched earth tactics, and displacing at least one million non-Pakhtoons. General Musharraf strengthened the Pakistani terrorist training camps in Afghanistan. His success is reflected by the successful freedom of extremist terrorist leaders from Indian jails by cooperation of Taliban through the hijacking of an Indian plane. On top of these activities, his militia is also coordinating the opium trade from Afghanistan.

The question arises why the United States and the free world, as well as the United Nations, can tolerate this new Pakistani nazi regime. If racism, ethnic cleansing, scorched earth, human indignity, and deprivation of human rights are condemnable, why do these countries and the United Nations not take a radical step like that taken in Bosnia? More delay in curbing these new nazis is very dangerous and the world will pay the price.

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