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Dozens of Nazi War Criminals Still Living Unperturbed in Canada

Alex Constantine - June 24, 2014

'Nazi hunter' says some WWII criminals still live in Canada

CTVNews.ca Staff
June 24, 2014

Dozens of Nazi war criminals who escaped prosecution are still living in Canada, according to an American private investigator known as a “Nazi hunter.”

Those criminals have been living relatively freely in Canada since the end of the Second World War, and some of them have not even made attempts to hide their identities, Steven Rambam told CTV News Channel Tuesday.

“They are frankly not hiding,” he said. “Most of them openly bought homes, listed phone numbers in their own name and they were not that hard to find when I went looking for them.”

Rambam, the CEO of investigative agency Pallorium Inc., said there are still “one or two hundred war criminals” left in Canada.

It’s estimated that thousands of Nazi collaborators came to Canada after the war. But Rambam said the Canadian government’s efforts to track them down and prosecute them have been dismal.

Some proceedings against suspected war criminals in the late 1980s and early 1990s were unsuccessful. Others resulted in deportations and revocation of Canadian citizenships.

In some cases, the suspected Nazi criminals died before their cases went to trial.

Rambam said the Canadian authorities are “not even trying now.”

“Bluntly, this is Canada’s last opportunity to save its national honour,” Rambam said of the remaining Nazis. “You welcomed murderers of babies here and have done nothing about it.

“They’ve lived quite openly in Canada, quite without fear, quite without any shame.”

Rambam, who is speaking at a Toronto charity event Tuesday evening, told The Canadian Jewish News that he has personally interviewed more than 60 Nazi war criminals in Canada while posing as a professor from a fictitious university.

Rambam told CJN he obtained many war crime confessions, but the RCMP did not seem too interested in his findings.