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Death Valley RADIOACTIVE RAIN 29.7 x Normal at Stovepipe Wells, Nov. 23, 2013

Alex Constantine - January 13, 2014

EnviroReporter.com, "Boreas Storm Packs Radioactive Punch" explains this hot rain event:

"Probable Fukushima meltdown radiation detected in Death Valley rain. ... The rain in the  California national park far exceeded normal radiation levels as detected by EnviroReporter.com in multiple tests across the huge desert landscape. Radioactive rain gave new meaning to the hottest place on earth. Excessive manmade radiation like that ... can cause blood and bone cancers, leukemia, and genetic mutations."

Video shows from start to finish an amazing radiation test of rain at Stovepipe Wells in the heart of Death Valley. Even with the limitations that detecting radiation in water presents - water inhibits radiation hence its use in nuclear spent fuel pools  -  the results are amazing, nearly 30 times background which is 10 times the haz-mat trigger level for the California Highway Patrol.

Part of the so-called Boreas winter storm, other areas in So Cal had near normal radiation rain readings at our radiation stations in Hemet and Simi Valley California. This sky-high reading shows that from Stovepipe Wells to Furnace Creek to Badwater, Death Valley's rain was highly radioactive and dangerous in three places over 42 miles. Boreas continues to pound across the US dumping rain and snow on dozens of states.


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