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American Terrorism

CIA Terror in Cyprus

” … 1600+ men, women and children still missing … “

CIA Files Section


The Story

Taksim Part 1: The 1950’s – Terror campaign launched against Greeks
Taksim Part 2: The early 60’s – Turkey provokes attempts to invade
Taksim Part 3: The late 60’s – Turkey seizes strategic positions
Taksim Part 4: The Turkish invasion of 1974

American Duplicity Part 1: How America created the Greek junta
American Duplicity Part 2: Cyprus sacrificed for American spy bases
American Duplicity Part 3: A nation betrayed
American Duplicity Part 4: The CIA files
American Duplicity Part 5: Kissinger illegally abetted Turkish invasion

British Treason Part 1: How Britain masterminded Cyprus partition
British Treason Part 2: How Britain sabotaged a bi-communal agreement
British Treason Part 3: Turkish terrorists were armed by Britain
British Treason Part 4: The MI6 files

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