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Why Julian Assange has White Hair

Alex Constantine - March 24, 2011

Is Assange one of those Anne Hamilton kids? (in response to Dave Emory)

By maria technosux
Live Journal | December 26, 2010

... Assange didn't "dye" his hair "blond". His hair is white. It went white after the divorce from his wife as a result of Assange getting raided and charged with computer crimes as a hacker in Australia. Assange was also hospitalized for a while due to a bout of depression. The whitening of his hair was a psychosomatic reaction to the stress of the situation he was in at the time. ...

Here's Assange describing his family background in his book about the Australian hacker underground of the late 1980s:

Underground: Hacking, Madness, and Obsession on the Electronic Frontier, by Suelette Dreyfush and Julian Assange (2001 Electronic Edition)


FULL STORY: http://maria-technosux.livejournal.com/116240.html

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  1. I’m sorry to say this, but……no offense to Maria here, but I honestly can’t quite buy that explanation. I know divorces can be quite stressful(not from personal experience, though), but I seriously doubt that was the only cause, or even a cause period,(this kinda stuff does happen, though.) in his case.

  2. Oh gawd, dumb mouse stephen speaks out. . . No divorce experience? Gawd. . . Think before putting foot in mouth; former girlfriend lied huge on the record. . .

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